Culture War Project

Brandon Johnston / Witulski 2

State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman - 2012

  • George Zimmerman was found not guilty
  • George Zimmerman had shot and killed a 17 year old boy named Trayvon Martin.
  • The right to equal justice
  • Interntet pages and newspapers were shocked at the murder of a unarmed man with just a bag of skittles, and the shooter claimed it was self-defense
  • Murderers can now get away with decent lawyers
  • Debra S. Nelson was the Judge that could be forced to retire
  • This retirement could change the course of many similar cases bringing shooters to jail

Epperson vs. Arkansas - 1968

  • Arkansas found guilty
  • Arkansas law prohibited the teaching of evolution
  • First and fourteenth amendments
  • Allows a broader view of society to be shown
  • Evangelical churches and other believers in non-evolution have realized the world is growing with new beliefs and understanding

Loving vs. Virginia 1967

  • Loving found innocent
  • Virginia statute prohibiting interracial marriage
  • The equal protection clause
  • Changed law allowing interracial marriage
  • Not all racist beliefs were out of the law system
  • Earl Warren may be forced to vacate his position as Judge
  • This vacancy could allow more same-sex marriage legality thoughts

Washington vs. Texas 1967

  • Washington found guilty
  • Texas law prohibited persons charged, testifying for one another
  • 6th and 14th amendments
  • Changed the judicial system
  • Allows more truth to be told in the court systems


I understand that the war is just metaphorical but it is a major issue with the debate of what is truly right depending on your heritage and beliefs. Such as evangelical christians believing that abortion should be illegal, yet the government believes it should be pro-choice. There are many choices that had gone against what was legally right, but because of the culture of the judge or jury the decision was altered. The culture war is a war mostly based off of the traditionalist and conservative views.