Rebel Assignment By: Dayne Retallick

1. Describe 2-3 of your character’s traits (like we did with Santiago) and support with evidence from the movie.

Plato had many things going on in his life throughout the film. He was a lost puppy, he seemed to be looking for affection in the movie and he thought he was not receiving any from Jim and Judy. He was also lonely, He ran away from the mob of people and just wanted to get away. Also he seemed lonely when he was talking to Jim, he told him about his life of not seeing his parents very often. His last trait is protective, he asked Jim to go to the mansion to get away from the mob. He also shows protective traits when Jim is fighting with Buzz, Plato jumps in and tries to stop it.

Plato Continued...

5. Theme: What do you think is a main lesson of the film and why?

I feel like the main point of the story is draw families together. Because during the movie the teens are rebelling because of lack of love in the family. So i think that they are trying to draw families closer and not have so much rebelling going on in real life.

6. Add one of the questions from your group discussion and supply your thoughtful answer.

The question is if Buzz was alive throughout the entire movie, would he be a friend of Jim's? I think that he would. Because he seemed to enjoy having Jim around in the movie. He seemed to be hard on him, but really he actually seemed to enjoy him in the film.