Discoveries found in Chemistry and Nuckeular Physics

Could You Know Her?!?

Irene Joliot Curie, married to Frederic Curie, was born on September 12th, 1897, and died March 17th, 1956. She was born in Paris, France. She received a full education, (elementary school - collage) and completed most of her studies in Paris, France with her husband. She is known and wanted for her studies in chemistry. Both she and her mother received Nobel Prizes. She is wanted mainly for the fact that she bombarded metals such as boron, aluminum, and magnesium with alpha parties. They obtained radioactive material of things that were normally not radioactive, making her wanted in chemistry. She recorded most of her Nuckeular findings in a sealed envelope. It was kept secret at a lab in Paris until 1949 when it was found.

Later Years

Later Years

In her later life, Irene Curie was believed to move into a small home in Parc de Sceaux. They also visited the Swiss alps at one point for Irene's lungs. She also was vey devoted to her children, and was the undersecretary of state for Scientific Research. Both she and her husband were also involved in socialist groups. Leading up to her death, she had a bad relapse while drawing plans for a new Nuckeular physics lab in Paris. She died because of radiation/luckemia at the Curie hospital. Her husband finished her work and later took her job as well. He lived to see the new laboratory finish before his death in 1958.


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