Marco Polo

Marco polo was a Venetian merchant who traveled to China with his father and uncle. He traveled over land to China. While in China he worked for Kublai Khan. Marco Polo served as special envoy to Kublai Khan. They stayed in china for 17 years. On the journey home they traveled by sea taking a Mongol princess with them to Persia. After returning to Venice Marco commanded a warship in the war against Genoa. He was captured and imprisoned. While in prison he met writer Rustichello who transcribed his experiences in China. This became his book The Travels of Marco Polo.Marco Polo's book inspired more people to travel the world. Marco Polo died of illness at his home in 1324.
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Born; 1254

Died; Jan 8 1324 due to illness

From; Venice Italy became famous for journeys thru China
Marco Polo | History Channel Documentary
Marco Polo's journeys have inspired me to go on adventures of my own. Though not wanting to go to China I would like to visit Italy and the rest of Europe. like Marco Polo I expect to see many amazing sights. I would find it very exciting to experience many different cultures.