Stalin's Five Year Plan


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What is the plan?

Stalin ended the NEP as he started the Five Year Plan. This was a set of economic goals for a e year period. The goal of the Five-Year Plan was to turn Russia into an industrial economy rather than an agricultural economy.

Facts about the plan

  1. Stalin wanted to change Russia by putting heavy emphasis on factories rather than farms. He made many collective farms so the previous farm workers could work in factories. Stalin used a lot of slave labor to achieve his goals in every part of his plan.

2. Production increased from 4 million to 18 million tons per year.
3. It emphasized the maximum production of capital goods (goods devoted to the production of other goods) and armaments. As a result, the production of heavy machinery was quadrupled and the oil production doubled.
4. The social and political costs of industrialization were large, allowing little provisions were made for the expanded labor force in the cities.

Why you should like this plan?

With this plan, it will mark the beginning of an economic, social, and political revolution. If adapted to this plan, the production of heavy machinery and oil will increase by double or more, in turn leading to a greater income. It would overturn much of the oldest factors of society, such as the rights of women, the role of families, and more. It will stabilize the government and Russia may become a leading world power. If the Russian citizens would join together with Stalin’s Five-Year Plan, every aspect of the Russian economy, society, and politics will be influenced tremendously.

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