Creatures of the Deep

By: Carter S. period 5

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The shark saw its prey, injured and swimming for its life. With 30,000 pounds of force it snaps the seal in half! That is what we think happens. That sharks are so dangerous and they are blood thirsty animals. Sharks are one of the most fearsome creatures in the world but are now considered endangered.

Sharks are dangerous, right? Well if your scared of sharks because of the the movie Jaws or because they eat seals, don't! It's part of the food chain. Just like us eating other animals. And more sharks die from humans than humans die from sharks each year, by far! Is shark-fin soup so important to kill off the entire shark species?

Sharks can be friendly, just like a dog, cat or any other animal. You just have to get to know it. But don't go and put your arm into sharks mouth or you'll be down a limb.

Sharks don't usually attack first but if they do you've probably done something wrong. You may have swam at your own risk. Swimmers in Florida were advised not to swim because there had already been 4 attacks in that area. But they swam anyway. Luckily no one was hurt and there was no signs of any sharks.Most attacks in the U.S. are recorded in Florida, Hawaii, and California.

Sharks defend themselves by its ferocious bite and by slamming its opponent onto the sea floor. And if something were to try to out swim the shark it couldn't because sharks can reach seeps up to 43 miles per hour! It doesn't matter if they live in the deep dark part of the see or the shallow blue parts all of the 350 types of sharks adapt to where they live. You may have heard of the myth that have an infinite amount of teeth. Well its true! Sharks lose teeth almost every day and grow them back in 24 hours!

Sharks are losing numbers fast and are presumed to be one of the most dangerous creatures in the the world. A benefit of knowing about sharks is that you can take this information and use it. I think sharks still need to be endangered because if the species dies who knows what will happen?


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