Deerfield February Newsletter

February 2021

Calendar of Events

FEB 9 - PTO Zoom Meeting 7:00pm

FEB 12-No School Record/Report

FEB 17, 18- Parent Teacher Virtual Conferences

FEB 18,19- No School

MARCH 8-12- Spring Break

Parent Teacher Conferences

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for February 17th and 18th. Teachers will be sending you a sign up no later than February 8th. This will be the last "scheduled" Parent Teacher conference, so please plan to attend.

Since the spring of 2020 our teachers and scholars have been challenged to teach and learn in new ways. We are grateful for our teachers ability to adapt outcomes based on student needs during the pandemic and the learning support our families have provided during these times. To align instruction and support a smooth transition for students, the Elementary Curriculum Leadership Team has identified the most critical standards for each grade level to focus on.

As a result, there may be a few standards that have not yet been targeted and may be left blank. We provide this honest assessment and clear communication from teachers to families to help in identifying any learning gaps and assist in creating instructional plans to address those gaps. We thank you for your continued understanding as we ensure each student is making progress toward grade level standards.

Application for Free/Reduced Meals

Lawrence Public Schools' Food Service Department encourages families who think they may qualify to apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits. The Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Department for Children and Families may provide additional Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) funding this year for families approved for free or reduced-price meal benefits. You may complete the application online at Please contact the Food Service Office with any questions at 785-832-5000.

LPS Camera Policy (Reversal)

This is email is to make you aware of the reversal of the Lawrence Public Schools camera policy. While the district did not initially require students to turn their cameras on during remote learning, the district leadership has changed its decision after hearing from building personnel who have found it difficult to ensure students are actively engaged in learning during class. There are legitimate reasons some students leave their cameras off. The district asks staff to exercise discretion in making exceptions for students as appropriate. Students who want to use digital background images on their iPad must choose one of four district-approved backgrounds during class.

Please Complete Survey

Dear School Families,

To ensure every student is provided the best educational experience possible, Lawrence Public Schools is committed to gathering input from parents/guardians to inform the district’s equity-focused strategic planning efforts. Our district is partnering with the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center or MAP Center ( to engage in an Equity Context Analysis Process or ECAP. This process will help us understand to what extent equity is present in our school community. This process involves several data collection activities, including the completion of staff and parent/guardian questionnaires and school site visits.

We want to hear from you! Please find below the link to the Parent/Guardian Questionnaire. We ask that you complete this questionnaire, reading each item carefully and answering each item to the best of your ability. We estimate the questionnaire may take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

Use this survey link:

Please submit your completed questionnaire by Feb. 15, 2021.

Information from completed questionnaires will be grouped and combined with other information to develop an overall district summary prepared by the MAP Center. No identifying information will be shared in the district summary, only themes and trends.

In addition to parent/guardian input, we want to hear from students. When you receive an email with instructions for providing consent, please complete the Consent in PowerSchool to enable your student(s) to participate in a similar survey about their school experiences.

You may contact me at with any questions. Thank you for assisting the school district in improving the way in which we serve and support students.


Dr. Anna Stubblefield
Deputy Superintendent
Lawrence Public Schools

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Persevering Through Second Semester

Dear Deerfield Families,
As we make our way through second semester, our team of teachers, administrators, and support staff continue to analyze and evaluate what students need most during this time. Below are our continued priorities when it comes to designing and delivering instruction on a daily basis with your students, whether they are in-person or remote:
  • Social Emotional Supports: We start our days and classes with opportunities to truly connect and get to know each other. Establishing and continuing to strengthen trusting relationships with students is a critical and foundational step to maximizing student learning.
  • Curriculum: This is the “what” of teaching and student learning. We have followed and will continue to follow Kansas Standards for all subject areas as our guide. We also have the ability locally to determine which standards are the most essential for our students to know and apply. Our teachers plan instruction for each subject area using these selected or essential standards.

  • Instruction: This is the “how” of teaching and student learning. We have experienced the most growth in our profession during these last several months as our traditional method of delivering instruction has varied and may continue to vary in the future. Our teachers receive professional development and have opportunities to practice these new skills and techniques to use with students.

  • Assessment: We constantly gather data and information from students through observations, questioning techniques, discussions, and more traditional assessments or tests. Combined, this information tells us if students are growing and achieving. If they are, we continue to the next concepts or work to deepen their understanding. If they are not, we go back re-teach concepts and provide additional opportunities to practice and master the concepts.

In partnership with families, we know that the items below are critical to your student’s success, and we stand ready to help you with any questions you may have:

  • Attendance: When a student does not attend school, there is the potential that he or she could end up behind his or her peers. Whether we are in person or remote, you can help by helping make sure your child is on time and remains in school throughout the day.

  • Engagement: Asking your child questions about his or her day is a great way to stay engaged in what is going on with each class or subject.

  • Communication: Please be sure to let us know if you have questions, concerns, or notice anything about your child that you would like to discuss.

On behalf of our school, thank you for your continued support, patience, and dedication to your child’s success!


If your child missed picture day and you would like them in the yearbook, please send a headshot of your child (using a neutral background) to by March 9.

Arrival and Dismissal Reminder

There are a few students arriving to school before 7:45. Students are not allowed inside the building until 7:45. We must insist that your children not come to school until that time as there is not staff on duty to supervise and students will no be allowed inside the building. Thank you for your cooperation!

Students must also be picked up by 3:05 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There is NO supervision for your child after school is dismissed.

Reminder: Traffic Plan

We will continue to keep this information in the newsletter as a reminder for our current families and for new families who have joined us over the break. Please review the Deerfield Traffic Plan to ensure a safe and efficient drop off and pick up! Drop off and pick up can be a bit hectic, so we appreciate your patience and kindness as you navigate the traffic! A quick shout out is owed to our ever present crossing guards, Kate Zylstra and Nancy Burghorn! They are at the crosswalk rain or shine, sleet or snow! We so appreciate you Nancy and Kate!
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