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Week of November 16 , 2015


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School Announcements & Updates

Celebrating Student Success

  • As we prepare to welcome families and visitors into the building please take advantage of displaying current student work in the hallways to celebrate their hard work and growth.

Parent Conference Schedules:

  • See email sent on November 15 with Conference Schedule Spreadsheet.
  • Please submit this via schoology (Wickersham Course, Parent Teacher Conference Folder) by Thursday, November 19th.
  • You can continue to resubmit on schoology as changes are made so the office will have an updated version in the event a parent calls to verify or change their appointment.

Schoology Update:

  • All supporting documents from November 11, 2015 PD have been posted. All staff should continue to collect student work samples to bring to December's Early Release PD.
  • Handbook Update- Section 2- Child Study Team and SSP Flow Chart Updated

Parent Breakfast with Superintendent @ Wickersham

  • November 19th the Superintendent and District Leaders will attend our Parent Breakfast. Please personally invite 4 parents using the invitations that were placed in your mailbox.

Safety Patrol Update:

  • Safety patrol are starting on Monday morning. They will be at their station from 8:30 until announcements are over and in the afternoon from 3:00- 3:10 p.m.. Please welcome them and help them.

Morning Arrival:

  • Lancaster Rec and Breakfast students that are in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade need to use the stairwell by Mrs. Carr’s class at all times. Please remind students of our voice level 0-1 expectation in the hallways as they pass you through the hallways.

Barnes & Noble Night Prep

  • This week and next week Miss Tadlock would like to take pictures of staff members with their favorite book/book from their classroom. She will take two pictures one with your face covered by a book for guessing board and one with your face showing for the answer board. The photos will be displayed at Barnes and Noble Night on December 10th.

Officer Wolfe Lessons

  • Officer Wolfe will be here on Monday, November 16th and 17th. Please see schedule provided by Mr. Wertman and be prepared with your projector on when he is scheduled to meet with your class.

Substitute Computer Access:

  • Please see email sent on 11/15/15 regarding substitute log in and computer access. Please include this information in your sub plans moving forward. This information will also be posted on Schoology in Staff Handbook Section 2.

Morning Meeting Focus: RESPECTFUL (Focus on Cafeteria)

District Updates & Announcements


Our student enrollment information has been uploaded to the PVAAS system to allow access to the PVAAS projections for students currently enrolled in your school. You can now search for students based on where they are currently enrolled rather than where they were last tested. You can now access the PVAAS Student Projection Reports and PVAAS Projection Summary Reports for students who: have changed grade levels, have changed schools (elementary to middle school, and middle to high school), and/or who are new to your local education agency (LEA). Please see the document titled, “What should educators know about PVAAS student probabilities?” on the PVAAS login page. Also, please review the e-Learning titled “Student Projections” and “Student Search & Custom Student Report” for additional information.

Science CDT:

The Science CDT window for students in grades 4 and 8 is scheduled for November 16th to December 18th


Nidia Gonzalez deserves the kindness award for last week- she paid for cab service home for a parent who was in pain. She often goes above and beyond for our families! Thank you Nidia!


MONDAY 11/16/15

  • Safety Patrol Starts
  • Officer Wolfe Lessons-Classroom
  • Picture Make-Up Day- Auditorium
  • Mercado Out

TUESDAY 11/17/15

  • Officer Wolfe Lessons-Classroom
  • Mercado Out

WEDNESDAY 11/18/15

  • Attendance Meetings

THURSDAY 11/19/15

  • Lipisko Out
  • Optional Technology PD 7:45-8:15

FRIDAY 11/20/15

  • PTO Meeting 2:00-3:00 (NO LIBRARY EXCHANGE)


11/23-25/15- Parent Teacher Conferences


  • WEEK OF 11/9/15 WINNER:



November 16-20th American Education Week

American Education Week 2015

American Education Week’s schedule of activities for the rest of the week include:

Tuesday, November 17: Parents’ Day
Wednesday, November 18: Education Support Professionals Day
Thursday, November 19: Educator for a Day
Friday, November 20: Substitute Educators Day