Animal Experimentation

by cynthia johnson


Animals have been tested on as early as 500 BC (procon, 2014). They think that by testing on animals they can cure medical diseases like AIDS and cancer. They don't realize that humans and animals are so different, that the results for an animal can be totally different for a human (procon, 2014). I think animal testing should be stopped because things done to the animals are cruel and inhumane. Although some medical advances had been made, countless animals are killed each year.


reaosn 1

What animals have to go through during these test are cruel and inhumane. Animals have been tested on for a long time. One tests include the draize test, in which cosmetic ingredients are forced into rabbit eyes (animal testing, 2000). The FDA requires animal testing for medicines and eye-care products (woods). Meaning some of the stuff we use is tested on animals, or further production of the item would have to be stopped. Animals had been used to test, household cleaners, makeup, shampoo, and other substances (woods). Until the late 1840s, researchers used no anesthetics, so animals that were tested on suffered greatly (woods). Animals feel pain just like we do, so why don’t they have the same respect as humans?

Reason 2

Dr. Jhon Miller, the head of an association that inspects and accredits laboratories, wants you to think that killing animals benefits humans (woods). Almost every major medical advance has resulted from animal research (animal testing, 2000). Without animal experimentation, they say, medical progress would grind to a halt and science would be set back centuries-this at a time when there is tremendous pressure to find treatments for diseases such as AIDS and cancer (day). Although those things are true, suitable alternatives to animal use can be found in vitro (test-tubes) experiments and computer programs that model biological, they say, can and should be used instead of living, feeling, beings ( animal testing, 2000). Countless animals are killed when there are alternatives. An estimated 26 million animals are used every year in the United States for scientific and commercial testing (procon, 2014). Therefore thousands to millions of animals are wasted for no reason. When they could be living and used for greater things, making the positive things about animal testing not seem true.


This is the reason I oppose animal experimentation, because it is cruel and inhumane and countless animals are killed each year. Why would you continuously use animals, when there are alternate experiments that can be done? Animals don’t deserve to be experimented on, because they don’t have a say in what happens. Although medical advances have been made it’s still not right. If it can be done through animals, it can surely be done some way else.


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