Religion Is Everywhere

By: Elizabeth Miller

Religion is not just about is not just Christianity. There is more than just Christians in religion. There are Islams, Muslims, and ect. Even in Christianity there are Pentecostals, Baptist, Presbyterian, ect. So dont just assume Christianity is the whole religion.

Religion is not something for you to use as an excuse to hurt someone as well. Weather it is mentally or physically, especially if it is over something that is between them and God. Who cares if they are gay, wearing a head scarf, committing adultery, ect. Love the person hate the sin not vise versa, dont take things into your own hands God is the judge not you.


"Dear God today I woke up I am healthy I am alive" -Unknown author

"Faith is like WI-FI , Its invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need" -Unknown

Cortt Chavis "Make A Way" Interview

Cortt Chavis "Make A Way" Interview

This is Brother Cortt Chavis he is a pastor, song writer, and singer. He is talking about a song he wrote for his "Help Me" album.
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Brother Cortt Chavis's family