Indoor Air Pollution

Alex Patkin

Preventing indoor air pollution

Moisture in someones home can lead to indoor air pollution. But there are many ways to get rid of it. One way to keep moisture at a safe level is to use a dehumidifier. Also, it helps to get rid of some indoor plants or use a sump pump if your basement is prone to flooding. If there is already pollution in your home, try opening some windows to let some fresh air help clean the polluted air. Make sure mold isn't a problem because it could contribute to the pollution. Also, smoking contributes to it. Try to stop smoking because it hurts the people around as well as yourself through pollution.
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Indoor air affecting health

Too much indoor air pollution in one home can cause many different diseases. Some diseases include lung cancer, and other lung diseases such as asthma. It also causes headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue. Asthma attacks are common in bad air quality environments. Sometimes you may not know that indoor air pollution was the cause of your disease because sometimes the diseases show up much later such as cancer or lung disease.
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Indoor air pollution contributes to much more

When conditions in your home get bad, someone would probably just open a window to let the bad air out. But when the poor air goes out of a home, it goes into the outside air. When lots of people do this to wash out their home, it pollutes the air outside and it can affect your community, then the state and eventually it can contribute to the nations air pollution.
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Helping out

Many people encourage others to protect their own home from pollution by reusing and recycling. This can help the air quality because a persons home can be much cleaner if people recycle things that need to be recycled and reuse things that can be reused. John Bower, the founder of the Health House institute, believes that if house owners reduce the high temperature and humidity levels in a house, it can decrease the concentration of some pollutants.
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Health Status

Too much indoor air pollution can be the cause of many different diseases and problems in a persons health status. It can worsen a person's asthma or give them a new disease, some as harsh as cancer. It causes problems with your lungs, so a person could be at risk of lung diseases or any respiratory disease if they are exposed to too much air pollution for long periods of time.
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