Saint Kateri School's Weekly Newsletter ~ March 23, 2020

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

Hello Saint Kateri School families!

We have had one week of time away from school and we have made it! We did not know what was in store for us when we left Saint Kateri School just a short nine days ago. This has been a very difficult time ~ a very changeable time ~ and a time of great unknown.

BUT...there are things I DO know:

  • God is good ~ all the time...All the time, God is good! This is how I begin each Monday Morning Prayer Service and we are getting really, really good at our enthusiasm. It encompasses a tangible feeling that God is with me. God is here, looking out for me, praying with me ~ He is bigger than this worry and unknown. I see His greatness in the many acts of empathy, kindness and patience that we see daily. Neighbors helping neighbors, smiles to one another in stores as we social distance to keep others safe and patience as we are all learning this new normal.
  • SKS gives back ~ Last Tuesday, families came to school to pick up any items that their child may need at home. Multiple families also dropped off canned items to be donated to our Can-Struction Lenten community service. All cans collected have been donated to Mary Cariola Center, and they were SO appreciative.
  • We have amazing TEACHERS, STUDENTS and FAMILIES! We are a school and learning is very important to us. Classroom Teachers and AIS Teachers have created Learning at Home Plans. Some have posted their weekly plans on their classroom website page, some have plans embedded in their Weekly Newsletter and some are sharing through email. Plans will look different in every class and at differing age levels. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.
  • At Saint Kateri School we live Values Beyond Education - we take care of each other, we support each other, we are kind during uncertain and stressful times, we are problem solvers and critical thinkers. We are blessed to be able to support your family and children as learners and good citizens. Thank you!

We have had questions about the Niagara Chocolate delivery and our answers from late last week are up in the air with the most recent non-essential business order. Chocolate should be essential, especially now :) but we will update you this week as we are able to confirm during business hours.

You can contact me via email ( or through the school phone number (585) 467-8730. Any messages received by the Main Office phone will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Do not hesitate to reach out to myself or your child's teacher with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for all you are doing to support your children and their school during this time!

God bless ~ Mrs. Terri L. Morgan, Principal

Words of encouragement and prayer from Bishop Matano

Bishop Matano's address to Catholic School Families 3 19 20


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The Name Game on Facebook

I went LIVE on Facebook last week to check-in and challenged our students to introduce themselves using the letters in their first or last name...and BOY did they rise to the occasion! Check out the pictures below ~


Miss Hanss and her third graders made a video about their beloved pet Winston the Rabbit. They submitted the video to Pets in the Classroom in the hopes of winning $1,000 for their class. Go to to vote. Wait for the sliding pictures to feature the VOTE slide and then click ~ Voting ends on April 1st

We don't have much time, so share with family and friends and share on Social Media ~ Thank you!

Saint Kateri School 3rd graders LOVE Winston!

5th grade leads the Stations of the Cross

Don't forget that our 5th graders created a Virtual Stations of the Cross to be viewed online. It can be viewed anytime by our school community and beyond. Please share with families or grandparents that you know that might be interested. They did such a great job and what a perfect time to be able to offer this!
Stations of the Cross 2020