Abby's Awesome Quake Proof Houses

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Our Houses Are The Safest Ones Out There!

Do you live in an earthquake prone area? Have you experienced losing your home or know someone that has? If so you should call us! Abby's Awesome Quake Proof Houses are specially designed houses that can resist earthquakes! Millions of people lose there homes due to earthquakes, now that won't happen! "These houses are the real deal, after I had them design one for me we had an earthquake! The house wasn't even finished but still stood up!" Says George Horton, The first person to own a house by this company. If you are in danger of earthquakes call us now!

Some of Our Awesome Creations

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If you have any questions, concerns, or if you want to order call this number,

1800-564-2234 ( for project don't actually call! ) or visit our shop in the Freehold Mall!

World's Largest Earthquake Test

Th Video Above Will Show You How We Test Our Safe Buildings ⇧