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For the Week of October 26

Red Ribbon Week October 26-28

We will have our abbreviated “Red Ribbon” week here at MTMS, the week of Oct. 26th. Red Ribbon week was created in honor of Kiki Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Agent who was killed in the line of duty. We will be participating with millions of students and teachers throughout the United States as we demonstrate our commitment to a drug-free life.

We will have one theme next week -Team Work. We are all “Teaming Up” against drugs and alcohol.

Students – We want you to show your spirit by wearing your favorite jersey on Monday and Tuesday, as we all work together and “Team Up” against illegal drugs and alcohol. Wednesday will be our “Spook Out” day as we scare off drugs and alcohol. Wear your Halloween gear as you zoom in for class.

Red Ribbon Week is also a time to remind ourselves how important it is to make good choices and good decisions every day. Be a leader and role model to your classmates and lead in the right ways.

It will be a fun week and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Parent Teacher Conferences

All conferences will be conducted via Zoom. If you would like to sign up for a conference with your student's Core class teachers (Science, Social Studies, Math, Pathways, and ELA) please go to the e-mail sent out by that team to sign-up. Exploratory teachers will have their Zoom open for parents to pop in for conferences. Once they are available they will let you in from the waiting room.

Explo Zoom Conference Links

COMPUTERS with Mrs. Crews

BOYS PE with Coach Scott

GIRLS PE with Coach Stenberg

BAND/WORLD MUSIC with Mrs. Eisenbarth

CHOIR/THEATRE with Mrs. Seidl


FACS with Mrs. Zimmerman

ART with Mrs. Ping



Tier 3 Math with Mrs. Kappes-Sum

At-Home Learning /Remote Day Help!

Below are some tips on ways your student(s) can get support while at home. Please review these resources with your student to empower them to connect with teachers on days their at home learning days.

· Office Hours- Core teachers have office hours on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Specific times can be found on teacher Canvas pages or by contacting the teacher directly. During these office hours, a student can expect to get a quick response from teachers via email, phone or a scheduled Zoom.

· Zoom Days- On "C" days, teachers remain on the Zoom classroom to provide necessary one-on-one support. This provides your student around 20 minutes to ask any questions they may have.

· Email- Email can be a great way to reach teachers outside of office hours/live instruction time. Please encourge your student to put a brief subject with specific questions to quickly get them to their answer. Students can email teachers through Outlook or Canvas.

From Student Council

Students, make sure you have joined StuCo's Canvas page so that you can participate in schoolwide activities:

October 28 -- Teacher Trivia Competition

Through October 30 -- Show Your Study Space

November 4 -- Fall-Themed Dessert Challenge

November 18 -- Photography Contest

StuCo's Canvas page is for all students, not just StuCo members!

You can enroll by clicking here:

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee season is here! MTMS students compete in classroom and grade-level bees, school and league bees, and the Johnson County Bee as part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee program. All students, remote or in-person, are welcome to participate.

The first rounds will take place in ELA classes this November. You can find lists to guide your study on the school's spelling bee Web site:

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Picture Retakes

Tuesday, October 27

Wednesday, October 28 between 1-3pm

Technology Issues - Contact K12

Call K12itc at 816.382.4840

Hours: Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00pm