that was then, this is now

Matthew J

What's the book?

Title-that was then, this is now

Author- S.E. Hinton

Genre-Young adult fiction

About the book


Bryon Douglas- Bryon is growing up and thinking who he wants to be in life. Dynamic

Mark Jennings-Mark is still living the life for the moment. Static


Bryon has a job to support his family and its a low paying job. His brother Mark starts bringing in lots of money.Bryon finds out that Mark has been selling drugs to hippies. Its an external conflict because it deals with two characters.


Coming of Age

  1. "I had quit thinking only about myself." Bryon is trying to stop being selfish.
  2. Mark is selling drugs and living the moments.
  3. Mark was placed in a reformatory school and was acting up so he was placed in a prison.

Plot Events

  1. Mom is in the hospital
  2. Bryon and Mark is running low on money.
  3. Bryon has a low paying job and Mark has a high paying job.
  4. Bryon finds out that Mark is selling drugs.
  5. Bryon calls cops on Mark.
  6. Mark goes to a reformatory school. He acts up and goes to prison
  7. Mark hates Bryon and will never talk to him ever again.


I would recommend this book to someone who likes mysteries