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Our Approach

Not all weight loss and wellness programs are created equal. Nobody knows that better than Progressive Health and Wellness. We focus to improve your overall health in addition to weight loss. If you are ready for a more personalized approach, please contact us for a free consultation. Our clinic offers direct medical supervision in order to achieve safe weight loss results.
Ketosis Diet
The ketosis diet is a lifestyle change that will result in significant weight loss. Ketosis occurs when all of the glycogen is used up and your body switches over to burning stored fat. This metabolic process gets ramped up when you switch to a low carb ketosis diet.

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We utilize Healthwise products in conjunction with our weight loss program to offer delicious food and drink alternatives that are packed with protein but also low in calories. Consuming Healthwise products will make you feel full, and help your body maintain a higher metabolic rate, resulting in successful weight management.


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