Middle School

My Brother is a Big Fat Liar By James Patterson

summary of the book

the lexile level is 520

My favorite characters in this story is Georgia because she is always geting in trouble because her teachers hate her. When her brother went to this school he got in trouble a lot. Now all the teachers are afraid of her.

This book is all about Georgia, but in all of the other books in this series they are about Rafe. Georgia is having a hard time in Middle School. All of the teachers hate her because Rafe, her brother went to this school he broke all the rules they had and they think she is as bad as he was. She isn't having the easiest time making friends. There is this one girl that thinks she is the queen of the school but she's not. Her name is Missy Trillin's she is always bossing everyone around and no one every sticks up to her until now.............

My favorite scene in this book is when it came do to the time Georgia and her band had to perform. Georgia was so scared. The room was so quit you could hear a cricket. Once they started playing everyone was surprised they were actually good and the crowd went wild. Missy was so upset that everyone loved them that she stormed on stage and yelled to the crowd that they were terrible and Georgia was so lame that they couldn't play again. The crowd went wild again this time with BOO'S for Missy to get off the stage and let them play again.