A place where dreams come true.

Mars, a place to be

Mars, known as the red planet, is a great place for you to spend your vacation at. Mars is a really convenient place to actually go and plan a journey to because of it's convenient distance of only about 225 million km away from the earth. It is also convenient if you live on the sun because because it's only 228 million km away.

More Info about Mars

As well as being convenient to travel to, Mars has different temperatures varying by the time of year, the highest temperature being 20 degrees celsius and the lowest temperature being 153 degrees celsius. This lets you plan out what time that you should plan your trip to Mars depending on what type of temperature you feel best with. The days on Mars are also a bit longer than those that are on earth, the average day being 24.623 hours long. This way you can have more time spending fun not worrying about deadlines and when your should pack up your stuff. This also results in a longer year being 687 earth days. The length of a year depends on how long Mars takes to revolve around the sun, the length of a day also depends on how long it takes Mars to spin around it's axis.

Weather on Mars

Like the earth, mars has its own set up weather conditions. Because of its thin atmosphere main only consisting of carbon dioxide(95 percent) and the rest being Oxygen nitrogen and carbon monoxide , only small clouds are able to be made meaning mars has a low precipitation rate. As well as not raining much, because of mars having a sudden decrease in temperature every single day ranging from 20 to -140 degrees celsius, mars has many dust storms which can affect a lot of the technology put on mars like rovers to disfunction because of dust.

Activities to do in Mars

Mars' s man activities mainly relate to it's physical features that include mountains, canyons, and craters. The mountains and canyons in mars are great at giving you a fun time by letting you hike on its unique terrain. This creates a perfect bonding moment for you and your family to be closer than ever. As well as offering hiking, many also come spend time in the hot lava baths located in the pits of volcano to relax your body. However, most people come to mars for one reason, crater jumping. Because mars gravitational pull isn't as strong as earths, you have the ability to jump higher which is a great fun time to spend with your family. Craters are the best place for people to jump in because of its wide area allowing no harm to others.
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Sites to see

There are two main sites for everyone to visit when they come to mars. He first one is the Olympic mos mountain the tallest in the solar system. Here you can just marvel at the beauty of the tallest mountain available to us right now and study how it came to being, a great place for educated tourists. The second Main site many come to see is the valles marinares which is the biggest canyon in the solar system which scientists believe could be a clue to finding life on mars. If you get bored of these sites you can also visit one of mars's moons phobos and deimos to have a totally different experience.

Travel plans to Mars

Here in mars we have many different hotels and resorts for you to stay at such as martian inn and the pearl. Mainly though, it is reccomended you check in to the great mars lodge where their are a variety of different activities for you to partake in such as spas and waterparks.

To get to mars, many choose the wise choice of rising a shuttle while going to mars. The shuttle, the carchong 1213, is a great powered shuttle that is able too go to mars very quickly. At a speed of 50, 000 km per hour, you can reach mars in roughly 110 days if mars is at its closest point to the earth. Which is about every two years.

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Our spacecraft

Getting prepared for Mars

There is a variety of different types of equipment needed to be worn on mars. Because of the lack of oxygen and the abundant carbon dioxide, it is highly reccomended that you wear a carbon dioxide to oxygen converter so you can actually breathe. This converter comes in the form of a mask and gas tank and can also block away harmful gases like carbon monoxide. An addition, you must also wear a heat blocker suit which blocks you from the harmful rays of the sun that mars' s atmosphere can't protect us from.
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A man wearing a carbon dioxide to oxygen converter, one of the few essential utilities that is needed to survive while you're at your vacation at mars

Please consider going to Mars