Party at Gatsby's Mansion

Biggest Party Around

The Crazy Night

Just recently Gatsby hosted another extravagant party at his elegant mansion. A lot of people showed up uninvited. Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker, Lucille, Mr.Mumble, and Ms.Claude Roosevelt were only some of the people that showed up. The atmosphere at the party was crazy. Everyone was drunk, happy, and having a good time. People now days don't have anything to worry about because they have a lot of money. Married women are looking for new lovers while married men are looking for girls to take home for a night. No one cares what happens. They just spend a lot of money so that they can be happy.

What was the party like?

The Gatsby mansion was such an elegant place and people were marveling over all his belongings. People were talking and flirting with each other. There was excellent music playing while people were dancing the night away. It you weren't there than you missed out. It was definitely a party that will be remembered.

Gatsby Rumors

People at the party were talking about how Gatsby killed a man, he was German spy, he was an Oxford Man, he was the nephew of a German Kaiser, and that he was a bootlegger. None of these accusations have proven and they are all believed to be rumors.