Mr. Budisch's Springtime Lights

Enjoying a break before the finish

We're Here! Spring Break and beyond

Happy Easter or Happy Spring Break whichever fits your family! We have a wonderful time ahead of us to take a breath and relax before the final seven weeks of the school year. I wish you and your families all the best during the next week! If you are traveling or simply hanging our in the wonderful lake country area, may you and your families be safe and sound. We will begin our MAP testing the week of May 5th. Other assessments including reading fluency/comprehension and the PALS test for 4k, 5k and grade 1 will also be administered during the month of May.

Severe Weather Readiness

Today we had our annual severe weather and tornado drill in preparation for the spring time storms that roll through our area. The statewide drill will occur next week, yet we are getting ready ahead of time. Our children will move to preplanned areas that provide a safe location in the event of a storm. The children take a position where they are crouched down and cover their heads with their hands. This isn't a timed drill, yet we do walk the building to check out how the children are doing with their teachers and staff. We want you to know we continue to do our best to keep your children safe while they are at school.