Lake of Hope

The Vertical Underwater System or V.U.S for short

With the modern conveniences of living on the water, Lake of Hope has grown to astonishing heights in the last one hundred and seventy years. The V.U.S. is a complex farming system that is used to grow soybeans among-st other vegetables and catch, breed and harvest fish as the same time.

More Information About Lake of Hope

Houseboat Communities

All of our residents live in houseboats surrounding 6 of the 7 platforms. The platforms hold the commercial zones and while one holds the industrial. Our city had been based off of the Yellowknife Bay Canada houseboat but at a much larger scale.

Solar Powered

Lake of Hope is powered by the sun. Light goes through a quartz and since quartz is a reflective crystal, the light shoots out onto the solar panels to ensure that we get the maximum amount of sunlight every day. The quartz rotates so that every solar panel is always being hit with the light.
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In this lovely city, we are not connected to the government. We still have some of their laws, but we are on our own government wise. The citizens of Lake of Hope don't have to pay taxes because we make plenty of money exporting our extra soybeans.

Please come and Visit Lake of Hope

Lake of Hope has been growing for over a hundred and seventy years and still is. The water is clear because we are always cleaning it. The air is pollution free because we us green energy sources. Everyone loves it here and I'm sure you will too.
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