The Stonecutter

A Japanese Folktale


The Stonecutter was happy with his life until he saw a house that was bigger and better than his. Then he wished for a nicer house. When he got his wish, he continued to want more. Then he wished to be powerful like the sun, mighty like a cloud, and strong like a mountain. He was granted all the wishes, but in the end, was lonely and wished to be back to his old self. Once he became a man again, he never wished to be someone or something else ever again!

What would you change in the story?

I would change...

If I could change something in this story, I would change the setting. I would make the setting be in a modern day city. This would change the story because maybe instead of wanting the be a cloud or the sun, the Stonecutter would want to have technological devices or a really fancy car. I would want to make this change because then I think children who read the story would connect to it and see that material objects don't bring happiness.