Martin De Leon

By Emily, Delany


Martin De Leon was a empresorro and was the only Mexican empresario there was. He helped decide what kind of people should settle in Texas. He was born in 1765 in Burgos Nuevo Santander Spain.He got married to Patricia De la Garza and had ten kids. Martin was a very wealthy man and well educated but he turned down his father offer to complete his education. Martin was a catholic man and he founded the town Victoria and named it after Guadalupe Victoria. He was also the first president of Mexico.they extended delion family including politicians and freedom fighters who help the course of history in Texas and in Mexico.

Martin De Leons Colony

The Colony

De Leon was one of the few who were given colonization contracts from the Mexican government. De Leon and Austin successfully completed the colonizations.His colony was located in the Coastal Plains of Texas and because of that there were plenty of fish to eat and a lot of fresh foods, such as beans corn and potatos.The only problem about the colony is that it was surronded by Indians and because of that when the Indians attaked Maritin De Leon's colony instead of fighteing they would raise a white flag for surrender and they would give the Indians food untill they were satisfeid. The way that the colony survided was off of Martin De Leons fortune because he was terribley wealthy so thats how the colony surrived. Martin De Leons colony also had cattle ranches. eventally he died in 1833 and all of hi fortune went to his family and to the settlement.