by: Taylor Fumarola

Form a More Perfect Union

I think that to Form a More Perfect Union is the executive branch because it can grant pardons to federal offenders.


I give this branch a B grade because Democracy and Republican parties always butt heads. They don't agree on any conflicts.

They also can not agree on the voting rights.

Establish Justice

Establish Justice is in the Judicial Branch because its trying to create a fair legal system, administer the courts.


I give this a C because they don't agree on gay marriage when its easy to say it should be legal.

Ensure Domestic Tranquility

I think this is the executive branch because this branch negotiates foreign treaties which can maintain the piece between the countries.


I give this a A- because the police and firefighters do there jobs very well, but the immigration reforms is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Provide for the Common Defense

I believe this is the Legislative Branch because because it can declare war and the common defense is the people in the war like the army and navy.


I give this part of the constitution an A because the different types of forces protect the United States from getting invaded and put their lives out for us.

Promote the General Welfare

Is the legislative branch because it helps with the people.


I give this a D+ because the obamacare is not working and the minimum wage is bad. The only good part is the homeless shelters.

Secure the Blessing of Liberty

This is the Judicial Branch because it protects our rights by declaring laws.


I give this one a B+ because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are great, but old and may need to be changed a little bit.



With all the grades added up I think that the United States grade would be a B- because there is problems but the biggest thing is that they keep everyone safe which is important.