Laos Travel Guide

By Priya Gregerson 6th Period

Laos #1

Government- Communist

Land-major mountains include Phou Bia-which is the #mountain in Laos it is 9,249 feet high. A major river is the Mekong river which is 2,703 miles. It flows through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam.

Language(s)- The main language spoken is Lao

Laos #2

type of economy- communist

imports/exports- machinery, equipment, vehicles, fuel, consumer goods; wood products, coffee, electricity, tin, copper, gold, and cassava. Cassava is a type of root and it is otherwise known as Tapioca. Electricity is the highest export

industries- There is no heavy industry and much of the country's industry is comprised of smaller companies.

Climate- Laos has a humid and tropical environment. They also have monsoons.

Religion-The main religion practiced by far is Theravada Buddhism.

Sports (Culture)- martial arts and football (soccer) are the most popular. other sports are also played.


Laos #3

Neighbors-neighboring countries are Cambodia, Thailand, China, and Vietnam

GDP- per capita- U.S. $1,660.71

Literacy Rates Male- 88.0%

Literacy Rates Female- 76.7%

Infant Mortality Rates- 48.64 per 1,000 births


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This is Soup from that is called pho soup pronounced 'fu' and it is usually for lunch or dinner, But they also eat other foods in meals. For breakfast they usually have egg, bread, and plantains. They usually have more vegetables for lunch and dinner. The dinner is the biggest meal of the day because that is when all the family gets together. They usually have beef or chicken with broth

Currency (Lao kip)

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This is the Laos currency. It is called Lao Kip. One Lao kip is equal to 0.00012 U.S dollars; or in other words, one U.S dollar is equal to 8134.14 Lao Kip

Phou Bia Mountain

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This is the Phou Bia Mountain. It is the highest mountain in laos. It elevation is 9,249 feet

Now that you know everything there is to know about laos, I hope you deside to go on a vacation in laos!