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October 22, 2021

Pink, Pumpkins, and PD

Friday was our “Do a Kind Deed Day” which tied in nicely with our “Encore PINK OUT”. Sgt. Anderson from Easley Police and Capt. Anderson from Easley Fire joined us on campus to raise awareness about breast cancer and raise funds for the Pickens County Cancer Association. Students of all ages, toddlers through high school, got to visit with the officers, check out the PINK patrol car, examine the FD turnout gear, see the lights flash, and hear the sirens blare. Students also got to ask the officers questions about their jobs and about how they support their community through campaigns like this one. Last year during the month of October, Easley PD and FD were able to raise about $15,000 to help support cancer patients. Some of our own students contributed to this year’s campaign and were able to sign the PINK patrol unit. It was a perfect day to honor those special people in our lives who have faced a battle with cancer. The weather was wonderful and our PINK pennants paid special tribute to each one! (See photos below and click here for a photo gallery.)

MSA Spirit Week is all next week. It will include Pajama Day, Around the World Day, Career Day, Dynamic Duo Day, and Character Day (including Book Character Day for Primary and Biography Day for Lower Elementary). There will also be all sorts of pumpkin activities going on around campus including rolling pumpkins, carving pumpkins, hammering nails into pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, and more. (You can enjoy these activities at home, too, by following this link.) In addition, students will be working on STEAM projects that use pumpkins - the pumpkin cart challenge and a pumpkin catapult. We can’t wait to share photos of all these school spirit and fall-themed activities with you next week!

This weekend our teachers attended the SC Montessori Alliance Annual Conference (virtually) with a focus on preparing our children with critical thinking and problem solving essentials. We are pleased to have offered this full-day professional development through the state Montessori association to our teachers. Zoom keeps us connected, learning, and growing even during COVID-time!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Dr. Dana Hill

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For more Encore Pink Out photos, click this link.

Dates to Remember

October 25-29 - Spirit Week - details below

October 26 - PSAT/NMSQT testing for 10th-11th grades

November 1 - Conferences - Student holiday for IT-UE, Extended Care Available for I/T-PR, virtual MS-HS

Spirit Week Schedule

  • Monday, Oct. 25 - Pajama Day (The most comfortable school day ever!)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Around the World Day (This includes dressing in clothing that celebrates other cultures around the world!)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Career Day (This includes dressing for the job you hope to have or to celebrate essential community workers.)
  • Thursday, Oct. 28 - Dynamic Duos Day (This may include duos like Han Solo and Princess Leia, Peanut Butter and Jelly, or dressing as twins.)
  • Friday, Oct. 29 - Character Day (This includes Primary Book Character Day and Lower Elementary Biography Day.)

Traveling Zoo - Locomotion

Students in our primary classrooms have the opportunity to attend a series of traveling zoo "field trips" in which the trips come to them through the Greenville Zoo's Zoomobile! Two zookeepers brought four animals with them to demonstrate all different types of animal locomotion. They talked about different types of locomotion (wriggling, flying, walking, and hopping), why animals move, and how some animals use their movement in clever ways, like the chinchilla that uses its brushy tail to conceal its tracks in the snow as it hops along. A few photos from the event are below; click here for more!
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Baseball and Kickball

Students in Mrs. Patch's PE classes have been learning about and playing baseball and kickball. Photos from Primary kickball can be seen below.

Pumpkin Catapult

As mentioned above, the Upper School students will be launching pumpkins at the end of this week as they learn about the physics of projectiles and the engineering design process. Photos of some of the preparations can be seen below.
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Spirit Week Yearbook Ad

The yearbook staff encourages everyone to participate in this week's Spirit Week and to purchase a yearbook!

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