2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Recession priced and ready to drive!

2003 Mitsubishi Galant For Sale in Hayward Ca - Only 120k freeway miles!

  • Drives Perfect
  • Starts Every Single Time
  • 4 cyl - Save on Gas
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Working A/C & Heat
  • Mechanically Fit
  • Clean Title
  • Great Safety Ratings
  • Only 2 Adult Owners
  • Low Mileage (for this make/model)
  • CD Player
  • Room for Four
  • Large Interior & Trunk
  • Priced to Drive!

Why Buy This Car?

Drive it away now for only $2,600

Only 2,600 that's crazy man! This car must be worth WAAAYYY more than that! Yeah, I thought so too lol. Kelly Blue Book has it (mitsubishi galant es) listed at $3,191-$2,816. I know money is tight for a lot of people right now (including myself) an I was going to get hagglers contacting me... so to skip that step I'm pricing this thing lower than it's actual value. That's right, you haven't even made an offer yet and you already saved $591-$216.

This car is perfect for anyone who commutes, anyone looking for a spacious 4 door car, anyone who doesn't want the same old toyota's, any first time car owners, or anyone who just wants a nice modern stylish car at a great price.

This must be too good to be true!!!

That's because it probably is right? In this case, it's not. Yes, I am selling this car because I need the money yesterday and you are getting a great, outstanding, out of this world deal... But I'm going to be honest and like everything else in life there are a few things to consider when buying this car.

1. The paint on the hood needs a good polishing to remove some oxidation. The paint overall could use a wax job or if your more the form over function type you can even get the hood repainted.

2. The car has been well maintained for the past few years by Hi-Tech auto in Hayward, CA but it does not have every maintenance record before then. I can attest that it has been maintained well as it has been my daily driver for a few years now. Feel free to bring your mechanic friend to check it out with you.

3. The hubcaps need to be replaced if you care a lot about looks over functionality.

(Edit: I ordered new hubcaps so this isn't a problem anymore! They are being shipped asap.)

4. The carpets should probably be cleaned / shampooed if you want a new looking car.

If any of this is a dealbreaker I can get the car detailed for you for around $250 extra, but since you're getting such a good price on it you can either do it yourself or probably get it done cheaper than I can if you look around. I can also refer you to a place in Hayward.

Third Party Reviews

I know I have told you how great this car is but here's some testimonials from the 2003 mitsubishi galant es around the web.

1. "I bought this car new after having bad experiences with American brands. It was roomier than Honda Accord and less expensive than Toyota Camry. Got the extended warranty but didn't need it! Have had very little trouble, it has been dependable and easy to own. I would recommend it to anyone needing a dependable inexpensive comfortable car."

2. "I am the original owner of a 2003 Galant. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed this car. I purchased the car with 42 mile one the odometer. Now it has 201,000 miles. It had been driven every day for about 110 mile a day. Never had a major problem. Engine and tranny has been solid. The one time the car didn't start was because it needed a battery. Mitsubishi has put together a solid car that can compete with all major car brands."

3. "A very large van turned left in front of me at my green light so I crashed right behind the passenger front wheel at 40 mph. The galant was completely smashed up until about 1 ft. from the windshield BUT I am COMPLETELY FINE and I have horrible back issues already. The air bags diploid and I was wearing my seatbelt correctly and I cannot even believe how safe that car type is. Nothing inside the car showed evidence of the crash (beside the windshield which got a spider fractures). When I got out the car I became frantic because I didn't realize before how bad it really was. Safety ratings are important for cars and I'd say with much joy that this car choice saved my life. "

4. "Bought the car at 60,000 and now have 140,000, no major problems yet. peppy for a 4 banger (with a cold air intake) and smoothest transmission I've ever felt. With regular oil changes have had no problems. over all great car.

5. "I bought a used 2.4L I4 Galant ES for rallycross. The similarity of Galant's 4G64 and Lancer Evolution's DOHC 4G63T makes the swap drop-in easy, and the 5-speed transmission from Eclipse fits perfectly. With 10 grand, you'll have an autocross monster with 4G63T, 12 psi turbo, and ECU controlled boost; Dump another 20 grand, and you get a fancy built 500+hp rally queen ; Squeeze yourself hard for another 20 grands, this car is going to be a supercar. As they said, old school DSM are "dollar-per-hp champs". Hands down.

$2,600 or best offer! My loss is your gain!

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