Cyber Bullying

Everyone Help Beat Bullying!

Cyber Bullying has made Teenage Years Harder!

Texts, social media, and gaming have become a common setting where teens get cyber bullied! Many teens receive hurtful texts meaning to hurt them and make them feel bad about themselves! Teenage years are already crucial enough on these poor teens because they are trying find themselves but how can they find themselves when they just get pushed down! Everybody needs to take part in stopping cyber bullying!

Help Stop the Bullying!

Cyber bullying wont stop without your help! If teens are getting cyber bullied and you know they are make sure your teen takes the right action. If your teen takes the right action then the bully will learn his/her lesson. The right action would be...

  • Report the User
  • Block the User
  • Stand Up to the Bully

Different Ways Teens Get Bullied

By: Michael, Tom, and Vince


Monday, Jan. 19th, 9pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

Stop Cyber Bullying! We need your help to end the fight against these mean bullies!