star wars 1 phantom menace

best move ever


star wars is the best move ever . the phantom menace is the best one . (fun fact) star wars episode 1 is episode 4 . star wars 4 a new hope was the first star wars ever . after episode 6 they made a remake that took plase years before episode 4 . so it got chansd . 4 - 6 is 1 - 3 and 1 -3 is 4 -6. the phantom menace is the best becase it has darth maul . know own sad who was the phantom menace but i think it is darth maul . in 1 - 6 darth maul is the only sith with a dubelbladed lihtesaber . it is red . now for the plot . the tradefaderasion is working with the emporer. thaywant to take control of nambo. tow jedi oboneknobe and qungongen. or trying to stop tham and meet the chosen one. (fun fact). the phantom menace was re born and was the first star wars move to be in 3d.
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anakin/jake lloyd

Anakin is a boy that the tow jedi meet on tatuween. him and his mother or slavs.but the jedi think he is the chosen one.the actor jake Lloyd was also in jingle all the way , madison and , unhook the stars .
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darth maul/ray park

darth maul is an apentis to the emperor . he is sent to kill the two jedi . ray park was also in g i joe 1 - 2 , x man , and mortal kombat annihilation .
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obi one kenobi / ewan mcgregor

obi one is a jedi aprentis that help qun gon diffend naboo . ewan McGregor was also in jack the giant slayer , mortdecai , star wars 3 revenge of the sith .
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Trailer
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