Huntington's Disease

Help Spread awareness for Huntington's By Jamison La Vigne

How Huntington's works

Huntington's is Inherited by your parent if he/she has the active gene.It's a 50% chance to get this disease if your parent has the active gene.It can cause Involuntary movements and or some illnesses witch brake down your nerve tissue (Nerve tissue can never grow back)

Why Huntington's affects you at an older age.

Huntington's affect people in there 30s and 40s get the worst of it but if you have it 20 and or before its called juvenile Huntington's but in JH you get the same symptoms as the reguler Huntington's

How we can help

Give them hope that they can do it.Go out with them like a walk to maintain emotions.Help them get to places because of some muscle spasms.

Some stuff you should know if your loved one has Huntington's

The Huntington's Disease Can cause =

Decreased concentration

Forgetfulness and memory decline

Poor judgment

Difficulty making decisions or answering questions

Difficulty driving

Some times they can become paranoid at times.