Women's Sacred Journey to Peru

September 15 - 27, 2013

This is a call to women to explore and awaken the wisdom of the ancient feminine that lies within. It is a call to women who are ready to vision and birth change in our world.

A unique invitation has been extended to women by the Santa Tierras, the almost extinct female expression of the talking spirits of Peru. We have the opportunity to access the fierce wisdom, power and knowledge of these talking spirits through direct conversation. In addition to sitting with the feminine winged spirits, we work with highly respected medicine women and men of the highlands of Peru. They recognize the urgency for action due to the extreme earth changes. These medicine people are seeking, with their medicine, to access the current building blocks for the reclamation of the feminine and the evolution of a new balance in the world.
Our journey reignites the ancient wisdom that sits within women, weaving once again to the sources of the divine feminine. Cultures of the world are undergoing great changes in consciousness, and we are in a time of great opportunity to embrace a new cosmology. Women are visionaries and leaders within communities. We carry the fire of creation in our bellies. We have the potential of being midwives of change through leadership and embodiment of balance of the masculine and feminine.
This journey is a time to redefine who we are. It is a call to enter new vision. How the feminine has been defined in our culture has changed throughout time. Now is the time for us to reconnect with the original source of wisdom that lies within the Pachamama - the land, the mountains, the waters, the winds, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the sacred sites of Peru. The dialogue is alive and well there.
This journey will challenge your belief systems and deepen your relationship to the land and spirit. We visit sacred sites including Machu Picchu to work with the House of the Moon and experience the majestic site in its fullness. Our journey will come to rest at Lake Titikaka, a most sacred feminine site and the place of emergence of the Inka Empire.
How do we as women remember our role as vision keepers, to revision ourselves, family, community, and our connection to the land? This is a journey to embody the knowing that sits within you. Our foundation is the teachings of deep nature, cultural, and spiritual connection.
There will be a pre-journey call to weave our container together, and a monthly group mentoring call for ten months upon our return. This journey continues for 7 years at the request of the spirits. The first year is your opportunity to see if you are called to continue this journey to bring about change within yourself, your community, your relationship with the land, and change in the world at the invitation of spirit.
In Light,
Judy Bath
jbath2@mac.com 705-349-1110
Fee: $3450 + airfare