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April 9, 2021

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Thank You to all the Chalk Artists for Welcoming our Staff and Students Back!

Principal's Message

Dear Oak Hills Families,

We had a very successful transition to Hybrid this week. I want to take a moment to thank our staff, our students and you for helping us make a smooth transition to a completely new way of operating school. I could see that you prepared your students with what this new school experience would look like and feel like. Students seemed comfortable being back at school and part of our school community. Our staff were elated to teach so many students in-person. I also want to thank our CDL families for their patience as we transitioned our Hybrid families.

On another note, I wanted to let you know about the upcoming Health lessons that we will be teaching in every class in both our hybrid and CDL classrooms. As you know, here in the Beaverton School District, we teach children important skills for getting along with others and doing well in school. In order to help our school be a safe and supportive place where everyone can learn, we also provide age-appropriate health instruction. There will be two primary resources used for this instruction: The Great Body Shop to teach the adopted Oregon Health Standards and fightchildabuse.org to teach sexual abuse prevention in accordance with Erin’s Law. Continue reading for more information on each resource.

Oregon Health Education Standards

The Great Body Shop, published by The Children’s Health Market, will be used to teach the Oregon Health Education Standards. It offers skills-based instruction that addresses physical, social, emotional, and mental health. Human Sexuality Education instruction is age appropriate, medically accurate, and relevant for all students.

Erin’s Law (Sexual Abuse Prevention)

An important component of our curriculum is to help children protect their bodies, get support when abuse has occurred, and report to a trusted adult. In accordance with Erin’s Law, we are educating children about sexual abuse and promoting awareness within our communities. The Oregon Department of Education has required all Oregon schools to comply with Erin’s Law. The Erin’s Law lessons address personal safety, touching safety, and assertiveness.

We will be teaching Human sexuality during the week of May 10 for 3rd-5th Grade and during the week of May 17 for K-2nd Grade. Erin’s Law will be taught during the week of May 10 for K-2nd Grade and during the week of May 17 for 3rd-5th Grade. The Beaverton School District has adopted The Great Body Shop and fightchildabuse.org (Protect Yourself Rules) to teach this content. If you would like to preview the materials, this document outlines the process for previewing the curriculum and for information on opting-out.

Thank you for helping us to make our school a safe and supportive place where everyone can learn.

Warm regards,

Sheila Baumgardner


Oregon Health Education Standards: https://www.oregon.gov/ode/educator-resources/standards/health/Documents/2016ORHEStandards.pdf

Materials Preview Process: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eV2_2zifeQshFC4uOP8v3Fkvs4zvYSuTEXInyTvag2Q/edit?usp=sharing

Movie Night Buckets are Back! Support our school and pick one for only $15

The Movie Night Buckets will include 4 candy bars, 1 microwavable popcorn, a reusable popcorn container, and a $10 brew bucks voucher to Golden Valley Brewery. Order one for your family or for an Oak Hills Staff member. Advance purchases can be made here<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XaLxrWhxTcPJzxg7d2z5YueAJVUS5YbwkVQsZzf4yuA/edit#gid=1975731388>

The buckets will also be available during Wednesday supply pick up on April 21st from 9 to 1:30. Please have exact change or a check.

Thank you!

Car Drop off and Car Pick Up

Please stay at your wheel during car drop and pick up. Please train your student to exit and enter the car safely with their belongings. The lane closest to the building is for waiting and active drop off/pick up of students. The outer lane (closest to Oak Hills Drive) is reserved for through traffic. Please refrain from loading students in the outer lane as it blocks cars exiting the parking lot. Additionally, families doing car pick up, please tape your student's car number onto the passenger window. This will help us identify your car sooner as we wait for your student to exit. We appreciate your patience with this completely new system. Thank you!

Tentative Calendar Dates for 2020-2021 School Year


4/14 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

4/16 Grading Day- No School

4/21 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

4/21 PTO Meeting (7pm) Mrs. Do, our new Principal joins!!

4/28 Staff Development Day- No School


5/5 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/7 Assembly Day

5/10 Week Erin's Law (K-2nd) & Human Sexuality ( 3rd-5th)

5/12 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/17 Week Erin's Law (3rd-5th) and Human Sexuality (K-2nd)

5/19 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/19 PTO Meeting (7pm)

5/20 K Orientation (6pm)

5/26 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/31 Memorial Day- No School


6/2 Regular Wednesday

6/2 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

6/9 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

6/9 PTO Mtg (7pm)

6/18 Last Day of School

6/18 Assembly Day

6/18 Oak Hills Car Parade (2:30- 3:30pm)

Movie Night Buckets are Back! Support our school and pick one up for only $15

The Movie Night Buckets will include 4 candy bars, 1 microwavable popcorn, a reusable popcorn container, and a $10 brew bucks voucher to Golden Valley Brewery. Order one for your family or for an Oak Hills Staff member. Advance purchases can be made here<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XaLxrWhxTcPJzxg7d2z5YueAJVUS5YbwkVQsZzf4yuA/edit#gid=1975731388>

The buckets will also be available during Wednesday supply pick up on April 21st from 9 to 1:30. Please have exact change or a check.

Thank you!

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No Dogs on School Property

Please refrain from bringing your dog onto school property during arrival or dismissal. We have students who have allergies and/or are afraid of dogs.

Below is the district guideline on this:

All Other Animals on District Property

The District recognizes that under proper conditions animals can be an effective teaching aid. At the same time, the presence of animals can result in problems with allergies, indoor air quality, noise, sanitation and hygiene. Therefore, domesticated animals are not allowed on District property and will not be brought on District grounds, into schools or transported on District buses. This includes but is not limited to horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and other encaged, aquatic, or farm animals.


Beaverton School District Outdoor Space (Playground) Restrictions

Please know that during our in-person Hybrid Instruction time, our outdoor school facilities — playgrounds, fields, tracks and paths — will be closed to the general public for the safety of our students and staff. For schools with daycare programs, their outdoor facilities will be closed to the general public until at least 6 pm every school day. This would mean that since Oak Hills has Club K, our playground will be closed until 6pm.

Turf fields and stadiums remain closed for any community use. Tennis courts are open for use by THPRD and in accordance with existing agreements.

After school and day care hours, families are welcome to use playgrounds, fields, tracks, and paths after in-person instruction and do so at their own risk. Please be mindful and respectful to staff that continue to work in the buildings after in-person instruction.

Please note that playground equipment will not be sanitized by school staff. Playground visitors are recommended to take precautions for health and safety.

  • Follow state guidelines on outdoor recreation activities and face coverings.
  • Wash hands before and after visiting the playground.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from people outside your immediate household.
  • Bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes for use on surfaces you touch.
  • Stay home if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. Symptoms include cough, fever and shortness of breath.

Library News

Library News!

OBOB Hall of Fame

OBOB Hall of Fame Questionnaires are due by April 28th in order to receive a prize book and receive recognition in the May Newscast. However, I will accept questionnaires for certificates only up to June 9th.

Storytime with Ms. Larsen (Live)

~ Chapter Book Storytime Fridays from 11:15-11:30!

~ Storytime for All Fridays from 11:30-12:00!

Topic: Storytime with Ms. Larsen

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 846 9279 7621

Passcode: storytime

Library Webpage

Check out the new library webpage for

  • Helpful Library Links for students and parents

  • How to Request Books

  • Book Bus Information

  • OBOB Information

  • Ordering Books From Scholastic for your home collection

  • New Books

  • And more!

Driving Safety Tips

Our community needs everyone to drive safely, be alert, and follow traffic laws, especially when observing students walking, biking, skateboarding, and scootering. Let’s work together to keep our students safe!

· Stop for school buses when red lights flash. Both directions of traffic must stop.

· Watch your speed. 20 mph is the school zone speed limit.

· Be ready to stop at all times. Kids may dart into the street without checking for traffic.

· Stop for people at intersections and when asked by the crossing guard. Check your blind spots before turning and behind your vehicle before reversing.

· Drive for conditions – This time of year is often rainy and foggy limiting visibility for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians so keep those headlights on to help others see you.

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Kids are everywhere. Drive like it.

As students return to schools for in-person learning this month, arrival and departure times may be different than you are used to. While traffic and activities around Beaverton schools may look different, one thing is for sure – kids are out and about in our community. Some kids may be returning to school buildings while others will be continuing to learn remotely and taking breaks outside during the day. Safety is everyone’s responsibility! Kids are everywhere. #DriveLikeIt.

Pandemic EBT Funds

  • Nutrition Services continues to offer free MEALS to all BSD children aged 1-18 with no Meal Benefits application required. This will continue until the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • New Information: The Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT)program, through DHS, will offer MONEY to families who qualify for Meal Benefits. The money is being offered to help families purchase groceries during the pandemic.
  • Families who meet the criteria in this list for the 2020-2021 school year will receive P-EBT funds. No application or further action is needed by families who:
    Have students only at CEP schools (families who have students at CEP and non-CEP schools need to apply for the non-CEP students to receive funds)
    Have children who qualify for SNAP or TANF benefits
    Have children with Homeless, Foster, Migrant, or Runaway status
    Have applied and been approved for Meal Benefits at any time during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Families who do not meet any of the above criteria need to apply right away for Meal Benefits if they wish to be considered for P-EBT funds. Online applications are strongly encouraged, using www.schoolcafe.com. The SchoolCafe website supports English and Spanish applicants.
  • Paper Meal Benefits applications, in both English and Spanish, are available at all meal pickup sites and all school offices.
  • For more information, follow this link: https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/departments/nutrition-services.
  • If you have questions, please call Meal Benefits at 503-356-3957 or email to NS-MealBenefits@beaverton.k12.or.us.
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Annual Special Education Parent Resource Fair

The Special Education Department and Special Education Parent Advisory Council are hosting our Annual Special Education Parent Resource Fair on April 27th from 6:00-8:00pm via zoom.

Parents will have a chance to listen to presentations from different non-profit organizations, businesses and more that serve children with disabilities and their families! Parents will also have a chance to ask questions of presenters after their formal presentations.

The fair will include presentations from:

  • International Dyslexia Association- Oregon Branch
  • Camp Yakety Yak
  • Family to Family Resource Center through OHSU
  • Paladio Planning-Financial trusts and planning for students
  • Specialty Athletics
  • Swindell’s Resource Center, and more!
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Technical Issues?

You may reach out to Mrs. Vallee directly via email at Anna_Vallee@beaverton.k12.or.us If she is unable to resolve the issue, support will be requested from the Beaverton School District HelpDesk.
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Family Toolkit

Visit the BSD Family Toolkit at: https://oakhills.beaverton.k12.or.us/ **Connect--Family Toolkit

Kindergarten-specific Information: https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/departments/early-learning/kindergarten

Community Resource Page

Click here for food, internet, transportation and utilities resources

How to Open and Translate Our Oak Hills Newsletter

Click here for a video tutorial using the translation feature in S'more

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