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What are the main elements of Renaissance architecture?

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The most common features of Classical Roman architecture were adopted by Renaissance architects. However, the forms and purposes of buildings had changed over time, as had the structure of cities. Among the earliest buildings of the reborn Classicism were churches of a type that the Romans had never constructed. Neither were there models for the type of large city dwellings required by wealthy merchants of the 15th century. Conversely, there was no call for enormous sporting fixtures and public bath houses such as the Romans had built. The ancient orders were analysed and reconstructed to serve new purposes.


Curiosity in roman structures:

It all started in Florence, where the Renaissance was born. All of the architecture was influenced by the Italian culture which design things in such a way that they were useful and had their main purpose.

Main Artists

Some French Architecture to finish...

Château de Chambord

As France had many wars with the north of Italy, much of their buildings like this castle brought back some influence from the Italian way of building. Their style distinguishes the different culture they have compared to others.