Leah Tribble

Violinist, Music Ed Major

About Me

I'm 19 years old, born and raised in Milford, Michigan. I graduated from Milford High School. Now I've started my second semester of college at Adrian college for Music Education. I play Violin, French Horn, Double Bass, Percussion, and I sing. I'm involved in Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority at Adrian College, Adrian College Women's Choir and Women's Ensemble, Adrian College Marching and Concert Band, Adrian College Orchestra.

Years Played

  • Violin (15 years)
  • French Horn (8 years)
  • Double Bass (3 years, but stopped)
  • Percussion (2 years, but stopped)
  • Sing ( long time)

Musical Involvement

I have been part of numerous Orchestras and I also did Marching Band in Middle and High school and now in college, also I've done several string camps.

Orchestra's that I was a part of:

  • West Oakland Youth Orchestra (2 years) (played Violin)
  • Celebration Youth Orchestra ( 3 years) ( 2 years on violin, 1 year on bass)
  • Detroit Metropolitan Youth Symphony (5 years) (played Violin)

String Camps:

  • Blue Lake Suzuki Camp (6 years) (Violin)
  • Adventures in Chamber Music (2 years) (Violin)
  • Okemos Violin Workshop (6 years (Violin)


  • Muir Middle School band, we played at Cedar Point and marched in our towns parade, also we did a lock in and have gone to Chicago. (Mellophone/French horn)
  • Milford High School Marching Band, we went to Florida one year. We did a can drive, relay for life. Helped pick up garbage at Milford Memories. Were flight 1 then dropped flight 2 competing band. We performed various shows one being Japanese Sketches. We too marched in our town's parades (Mellophone/French Horn)
  • Huron Valley Percussion: I was in HVP in 2010 we did a show called Me, Myself and I. We performed in semi-finals in Dayton, Ohio. We had a HUGE pit section 13 people.
  • Adrian College Marching Band: We went to London,England this year that was a big deal for us, that was a fantastic trip. We performed in the New Years Day Parade.


  • I was in church choir when I was little.

Music Education? I think so.

I wanna be a Music Teacher because, I love to share my knowledge to other people, whether they be younger or older than me. I find passion and fun in teaching. Especially Violin, I taught a student of mine for 2 years on Suzuki Violin. The joy she had learning the joy I had teaching her, because I enjoyed it. I was also taught through Suzuki so I really enjoy that even more. I would like to teach 6-12 graders for Orchestra, but privately I want to teach younger kids because its fun when they first start on on Violin, its like I become a little kid again.