Local Update



Our focus this month is area and its relationship to arrays as a representation of multiplication.

The students begun the year exploring multiplication and various strategies to solve diffecult multiplication questions using arrays. By arranging tiles for example in 6 rows of 5, the studnets then can split the array into 3 rows of 5 and then another 3 rows of 5. Thus, 6x5 can be solves as 3x5 + 3x5.


It is a reading strategy that is built on all other previously taught strategies. It is an ivolving idea as one activelly ingages in tetx.

To Inform

In writing, we have entartained, persuaded and now, we will learn to inform. The studnets will be writing an instructional piece, which will aim at giving an explantion about how things work or why something happens.

Media Messages

As an extension activity to writing, the students have created a persuasive poster using Bitstrip for schools website. They will reflect on the media production, considering things such as message, audience, purpose and various points of view.

Oral Presentation

Last term was about listening. This term is about speaking. Now that the studnets have created media piece, they will present their work to their classmates. In addition, they will recite poems. The focus is for the students to view themselves as speakers and reflect on skills that are helpful before, during and after speaking.