Transition Plus

When your happiness is someone else's happiness that is Love

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Schedule Changes

Schedule changes now require Case Manager and Social Worker approval. A copy of the request form is attached. Thank you for using the schedule change request form and for your patience with the process!

Gradebook Set-Up

Not sure how to set up your Gradebook for term 2? Check out this district-provided resource: /1qOeLJt1lemSYvuNfAfELmTblcJfzyT2y/view?usp=sharing. You will need to be logged into your google drive account to view it.

Student Usernames/Passwords

This is a friendly reminder teachers have access to student usernames and passwords through CFS. In CFS, there is a "student usernames and passwords" report that allows you to pull login information for any student on any of your course rosters.

See the attachment for a visual of where to find this report.

ESY Services

There has been a change in the location of ESY services for the 18-21- Transition age students. We are again going to have the 18-21 year old students ESY cluster site services located at South High School. Combining locations of our programs to fewer sites will cut down on some of the over-all programming costs such as transportation, nursing etc. and it will allow again for collaboration between the two programs. Attached is the final document of service locations for all of our ESY summer services.

Mental Health Team Tip of the Week:

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

-Nelson Mandela

Please encourage families to come the T+ Family Engagement night on Thursday Feb 15 and attend the Project SEARCH presentation by Ann & Eric.

The Project SEARCH information evenings will be from 4-6 pm on March 14 at HCMC and March 15 at Children's Hospital. Students and their families can participate in a mini-tour at the hospital.

Project SEARCH applications are now available in room C201 and are due on April 12.

Peggy & Dana are taking a group of students to a major job fair at the Central library on Monday, Feb 12. Please let them know if you have interested students.

Team 1 worksite are starting this week at MCTC and Arc Value Village

Reminder: Step Up Applications are due on Friday, Feb 16. These are PAID Summer internships. Please be aware that students who are interested in the Mn Trades Academy must first apply to Step Up.

Interpreter Requests for Conferences

Spring Conferences are coming up on February 15 and 16. In order to ensure efficient interpreter coverage, Communications is asking schools to arrange conference schedules and start submitting any required interpreter requests to ARCH Language Services.

Please see the Translation and Interpretation webpage and follow the guidelines and procedures to submit an interpreter request. All requests go directly to ARCH. Schools are encouraged to submit interpreter requests as longer blocks of time rather than as individual appointments when possible.

Requests can be submitted from now until Friday, February 9, 2018 for guaranteed coverage. Schools that submit their interpreter requests during this time will receive their confirmations by the end of Monday, February 12, 2018, including appointment date, time, location details and interpreter names.

Any interpreter requests received after the deadline (Friday, February 9, 2018) will not be guaranteed coverage. If any school has any questions or needs further assistance, please contact ARCH directly at 651-789-7897 or the Translation and Interpretation Office at 612-668-1830.

Scholarship Opportunity for Students with ASD

Project Search Information Nights 2018

Do you have a student who would be a good fit for Project Search? Have them attend an Information Night. Please see the attached memo for detatils.

Need assistance with purging materials?

We are being encouraged to let go of materials we haven't used in several years. If you know of materials in your room you are ready to let go of, Patricia can help get them out of your room.

Send her an email and she will come with boxes and a student helper and get materials to a central location where they can be reviewed for use by other staff. Materials that no one is interested in will be made available to any staff to donate to the organization of their choice.

Need help with Google Classroom?

If you need help with beginning steps of using Google Classroom, or if you are using it already and want to do more with it, Patricia is available to help out. She is available before school 8-9am, during 1st hour and during 6th hour to help you with the following Google Classroom elements. Email her to set up a time.

  • Setting up a classroom and inviting students
  • Creating assignments
  • Using Topics to organize your google classroom
  • Linking google docs and pdfs to assignments
  • Creating google forms and linking to google classroom
  • Creating self scoring quizzes with google forms and linking to google classroom
  • Creating self correcting answer sheets with google forms for consumable materials, which turns them into reusable materials!

Upcoming at T- Plus

Monday--------- African American Family Involvement Day- parents @ 9:30

Tuesday -------- Team 2 licensed meeting

Wednesday---- Team 3 licensed meeting

Thursday------- Team 1 licensed meeting

--------------------- Family Engagement Night- 5:30-7 pm

-------------------- Conferences (Licensed staff that work in the evening on 2/15 may exchange Friday afternoon)

Friday ----------- No school for students