Bath Salts

You do it, you eat faces By: Jason & ricardo

Slang Names

blue silk
cloud 10
route 69
blue masic
cloud 9

How it enters the body

snort it
threw the mouth
mix it in food or drink

Guys on bath salts

Physical effects

Nose bleed
not hungry (skinny)
grind teeth
tense muscle

Emotional effects

Will experience euphoria,anxiety and feel confused

The history of bath salts

It comes from a plant in East Africa called Catha eduis. The bath salts are new to the streets.
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The danger of bath salts

They are poisonous and harm your brain severally.

How addictive is this drug

Studies say that it is more addictive than meth.

These are the side affects

Rapid heart rate,chest pain,high blood pressure agitation,hallucinations,paranoia and delirium.

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