Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

February 16th - 19th


*Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday Feb. 16th (tonight) and Thursday Feb. 18th!


Tuesday - Reading - Book Baggy

Wednesday - Read Little Rabbit's Tale

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

**Sound Say 20 - Due Friday!


Journeys Text of the Week: Little Rabbit's Tale

Skill - Cause and Effect

Phonics - Compound Words / Short vowel e (ea)

Grammar - Prepositions

Words to Know - want / old / try / use / more / wash / mother / door

Spelling - Compound Words - bedtime / sunset / bathtub / flagpole / backpack / raincoat / inside / himself / rowboat / homemade *Bonus Words* underground / doorknob


*Fractions - This week we will be working on fractions. We will learn that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We will be working on halves, fourths, and thirds.

*Hensler's Hints*

- Write a friendly letter to someone in our school!

-Continue to practice contractions - make a list of contractions and the two words that make up the contraction.

- Make a list of sentences using prepositions in each sentence. (A preposition tells where something is at.)