CES Weekly Buzz May 16, 2016

From the Desk of Mrs. Proskey

This weekend EatOut @ Cafe Max or Mystic Hills Golf Course.

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Dates to Remember...

  1. MAY
  • 5/16-5/20- K through 2 DIBELS testing
  • 5/16- 9:00 to 11:00 Student Centered Accountability System Meeting- Proskey
  • 5/16- 1:40 M.B. (ACR) Arvelo, Proskey, Elliott, Kinney
  • 5/16- Board Meeting @ Admin Building @ 7:00pm
  • 5/17- Proskey- PBIS Training (Elkhart all day)
  • 5/17- 5 & 6 Grade Band and Choir Concert @ 6:30pm
  • 5/17- 9:05 S.V. (7th grade Trans) Proskey, Chris, Rhonda
  • 5/18- 9:50 J.C. IREAD3- Proskey, K. Young, DeSalle
  • 5/18- 11:00 S.O.T.M. Lunch at Cafe Max
  • 5/18- 2:30 to 4:30 New Growth Model Meeting- Proskey
  • 5/19- 9:00 Safety Review @ H.S. Proskey
  • 5/19- 12:20- 5th grade band to go over to the H.S. to visit H.S. Band
  • 5/19- 12:35- 1st Grade- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/19- 1:35- 2nd Grade- Grade Level Meeting - Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/19- 2:20- 4th Grade- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/20- 8:15- 5th Grade- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/20- 9:00- 6th Grade- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/20- 9:45- 3rd Grade- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/20- 11:50- Kindergarten- Grade Level Meeting- Proskey, Snyder
  • 5/20- Cool Character Parade @ 1:00pm
  • 5/20- 2:30 L.R. (504) Proskey, Miller

This Week's Menu....


  • Breakfast- Breakfast Pizza/ Cereal with Cracker
  • Lunch- Chicken Smackers w mashed potatoes / Potato Bar
  • Breakfast- Fruit Fudel/ Cereal with Muffin
  • Lunch- Ravioli w/Broccoli / Salad Bar
  • Breakfast- Mini Pancake w/ Sausage Bites / Cereal with Cracker
  • Lunch- Baked Chicken w/Mashed Potatoes/ Potato Bar
  • Breakfast- Egg,Sausage, Cheese on English Muffin/ Cereal with Cracker
  • Lunch- Sub Sandwich w/ Chips / Salad bar
  • Breakfast- Sausage Bagel / Cereal with cracker
  • Lunch- Big Daddy Pizza w/ Green Beans/ Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

This Week's Sporting Events...

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Girls Summer Basketball Program/ Practices

What? Girls Basketball Practices for the Summer Basketball Program (May 16-June 2)
Who? 3rd Grade
When? Mondays and Thursdays 3pm-5pm (Start Monday May 16th)
Coach? Andrea Berndt
Games? Saturdays in Plymouth @ The Zone

Teacher Resources

Jeans.... From Missy

Brett and Erin are giving us the opportunity to do something wonderful for our community and our students. I always worry about the food pantries during the summer because people are out doing their own thing and not really thinking about the food pantry. However, families need the pantry more than ever because the students are home all day and eating twice as much...those of you with kids know what I'm talking about. Anyway, Brett and Erin gave us permission to wear jeans for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR...for $15. I think that is a great deal! If you don't want to wear jeans, but feel your heart is telling you to donate anyway, then donate what you want. Christy will collect for middle school and high school. Karen will collect for elementary. I would really like your input on where to donate the $$. We can either donate to Culver pantry only...or we can divide up between the 4 counties...Starke, Pulaski, Marshall, and Fulton. I would love to have your opinion on this.

Thank you, Brett and Erin! Thank you CCS! We have a super staff here!

Blessings in a Backpack Needs Packing Volunteers!!!

If you would like to help volunteer packing Blessings Backpacks, please see times and dates below.... (it usually takes about an hour)

Please mark or update your calendars to reflect the following times and change of time:

Wednesday, May 11 set up @ 4:30

Thursday, May 12 packing @ 4:30 pm

All set up and packing is done at Culver Bible Church, 718 S. Main Street in Culver.


Dianne, Stephanie and Tracy
Blessings in a Backpack Coordinators

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Culver Boys and Girls Club

Director- Mrs. Jessye Gilley
Asst. Director- Mrs. Criston Zehner
Phone Number- 574-250-0103
Fee- $30.00 Per Year (After School) / Field Trips Extra / Daily Rate
Open- 3:00-7:00 after school / Summer (Other days as determined by Director)

CES Community Volunteer Program

CES Loves it's Volunteers!!!!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Elementary and donating your time to listen to students read, work with students in small groups under the direction of the teacher, work in the library, or supervise during lunch or recess, please contact Amy Bonine, the CES Volunteer Coordinator at 842-3389.