Born to be wild

by:joseph burkert

2 tragic stories

jaren hare and her boyfriend charles darnell were sentenced to 12 years in prison after their pet python strangled hares 2 year little daughter shianna died in 2009

the couple told the police that the reptile which they kept in a laundry bag in a tank pinned shut with a quilt in which they saw it escape 10 times before they found it in her crib.

The animal control department of Odessa, Texas, had already cited Amber Michelle Couch for not keeping her 150-pound mountain lion current on his vaccines and pointed out that the cage the lion lived in was too small -- and the gaps in between the bars too wide -- to be safe.

laws and reasons

the animals good get harmed or be harmed. harms for humans are the animal could freak out and randomly kill them.

colorado alabama and are illegal states to have exotic animals. and in oklahoma it is legal.

both of the choices have an impact on them taking them out can have an impact on the environment because it could kill the animal or the animal could kill the human

numbers say each year 1000 people die from their exotic pet.

experts opinion in the matter

Pediatrician Dr. Larry Pickering of Emory University Medical School in Atlanta says exotic pets are growing in popularity but while doctors are aware of pet-related hazards, only 5% regularly educate parents and children about such dangers

Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center takes in many abused and poorly cared for animals that people think they can have as pets, but experts at the center say they’re called wild animals for a reason! “The longer I’m in the business, the more lack of respect I’m seeing for the Earth and its wildlife. Number one: there is no such thing as a pet wild animal. Number two: in many cases it’s a violation of the law. Number three: you don’t have a right to do it,” Jeannie Lord with the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and education Center said.