Third Grade Gazette

October 15th, 2015

We Are Learning...

Reading: In reading we will be reviewing the skills we have covered throughout our character unit and taking a summative on Tuesday. We will spend the remainder of the week, practicing those skills and improving our reading lives.

I can show what I have learned about envisioning, predicting, inferring and interpreting characters.

Writing: This will be our last week to publish our Personal Narratives. Students will also be taking the On-Demand Writing post-test to show what they have learned about writing personal narratives.

I can complete the writing process by publishing my story.

I can show what I have learned about writing a personal narrative.

Spelling: This week we’ll be learning how to identify words that follow the “long i” spelling pattern.

I can spell my core level words correctly in my everyday writing.

Math: In math we will be working on solving addition problem with 2-and 3-digit numbers and representing addition strategies. We will also continue to identify how many 10’s and hundreds are in different numbers. We will finish Unit 3 by the end of the week and take a summative assessment to see how much we’ve learned.

I can solve an addition problem by breaking numbers apart and combining them.

I can tell how many 10s are in a number.

I can estimate how many 100s will be in the sum.

Social Studies: In social studies we will be wrapping up our unit on Government and taking an assessment at the end of the week.

I can show what I have learned about our government, our national symbols, and how to solve problems peacefully.

Character Spotlight

This week Casey is in our Character Spotlight. He worked so hard last week and gave his best effort. He was safe, respectful, and responsible. Way to go Casey!
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A Few Reminders...

  • Be sure to mark your calendar for Parent-Teacher Conferences. I will be sending home a sign-up sheet for conference times in the upcoming week.
  • If you have been checking Parent Portal this quarter, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you haven‘t been able to see many assignments. 1st Quarter is spent mostly establishing procedures and reviewing skills previously taught. You will notice assignments being entered more frequently in 2nd quarter!

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, and I will do my best to be available for any questions, concerns, or celebrations!

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