Let's Rock November!

Amanda's Team Incentives for November

Dearest Crystal, Melissa and Amanda:

I believe in you ladies SO much and I'm going to give you some GREAT incentives to get your business up and running this holiday season. The holidays is the best time to get started and give your biz the boost it needs at the start


Book 2 shows in the month of November and I'll give you a stack of mini lookbooks!


QUALIFY ($500+ retail sales) in November and I will gift you with a NEW SPRING COLLECTION LAYERING BRACELET!

In addition to these incentives you will still be earning 5% in free business products and 25% commission!

I'm so excited to help you grow your S&D businesses! Follow the tips below for a sure-fire way to get some trunk shows on the books :)


Email 5 People a Day for 4 Days:

They say on average, you will hear 9 'No's' (or 'Maybe Later's as I like to call them) before getting a 'YES'!. So think of it as 'collecting No's' until you get that awesome YES that will make your day! If you want to book 2 shows in Nov. plan to ask at around 20 people.

You can send a warm up email to potential hostess (use a template and add some personalization for each person) and include potential dates and let them know you will follow up with then. Then the next day, sit down and CALL each of them. If you get a machine, call back later!

Check out PDF for email templates to help you book!

Now Go Get 'Em Tigresses!!

I'm always here to answer questions and help in any way I can!