ECDC Newsletter

January 2020

A Message from the Principal, "Miss Kelty"


The New Year is time for both reflection and planning. Having just completed our first round of parent teacher conferences, you have had the opportunity to reflect on the growth of your child even just since September! I am sure you have also been reflecting on what is working for your child and your family and what may not be in terms of scheduling or behavior management or even language development. All of this reflection helps with the necessary planning for your child's next step in their learning.

Given the pending registration process at ECDC, and across the town, now is a time when families have to make decisions about what school will look like for their little ones in the fall. Nine months is a LONG TIME when you are only 3 or 4 years old. Young children develop exponentially at this age, so coming up with the right plan can be challenging. Many families worry about such things as:

  • Does my little one need more/less time in school?
  • What am I going to do without my child if my little one is in school more time?
  • How will my child do with a new teacher? Does my child HAVE to have a new teacher?
  • Is this the right school for my child? my family?
  • Is my child REALLY ready for kindergarten--for learning and for riding on that big yellow bus?
  • Will my child have friends in their new class/school?

Although these transitions are exciting, they are somewhat unpredictable and thus they can feel overwhelming. It is the unpredictable nature of these transitions that often prompt families to be overcome with worry and anxiety. These feelings of uncertainty and worry are all normal when we lead our families from a place of LOVE.

Here at ECDC we set out to help families EMBRACE this change for what it is, the natural next step in every child's learning and development. If you have worries about the next step for your child, whether it be potty training, adding more time to your child's preschool day, or the big one, transitioning to kindergarten, please reach out to your child's teacher. Your child is unique and although there are typical developmental milestones that guide our work and your child's development, your child's teacher has a unique understanding of your child's skills and challenges.

Our teachers and specialists also know and understand what is "required" or "expected" for that next step and they have been working all along to provide your child the tools they need to be successful. We build into our school year two scheduled opportunities to discuss your students' progress with our parent teacher conferences in December and then again in March, but we know that life does not always work on such a clean schedule. If you have still have worries or concerns about your child's skill level in social, emotional, motor, speech and language or pre-academic development, PLEASE reach out to your child's teaching team for guidance and support to help inform your decision making.

If you have talked to your child's teacher and feel you have all the current information about your child, but the unknown next steps are still worrying you, the ECDC community continues to be here to support you. Consider joining me for Coffee with the Principal, or come to a Connections for Parents of Children with Special Needs meeting, for both of these are nice options to connect with other parents or guardians and hear how other families are negotiating these same fears, worries and/r challenges. In addition, we have many families who have already experienced these transitions with children with and without disabilities who are also ready to help you through this next step.

In addition, if these changes in your child's life are still feeling overwhelming for you, you can always reach out to me. I can provide yet another perspective and additional resources to help you navigate through the choppy waters of transition.

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FPS Voice--By Franklin Public Schools

Franklin Public Schools has launched our own PODCAST!

Click here to learn more about what is happening in our school district, ask questions, hear from members of the FPS Community and special guests!

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ECDC Social-Emotional Learning Update

At Franklin ECDC, we believe that children benefit from having strong foundational skills in the area of social - emotional learning.

Over the past few months, our teachers and specialists have been specifically teaching your children about listening skills and how to use their whole body while actively listening.

Here at ECDC, children use “Whole Body Listening” daily in their classrooms which includes the following skills:

Eyes are watching.

Ears are listening.

Voices quiet.

Bodies calm.

Brains are thinking.

Hearts are caring.

Whole body listening.

In our classrooms, we pair these skills with the familiar tune of Frere Jacques/Brother John.You can practice the song with you at home!

After teaching Whole Body Listening, we then focused on the skill of Self Awareness by introducing “I can” statements that included:

  • I can name feelings.

  • I can tell a grown up why I feel happy or sad.

  • I can tell a grown up what I like and do not like.

These “I can” statements align nicely with The Zones of Regulation lessons we have developed and will be introducing over the next several months. Your child will be learning to identify and regulate their emotions using the following Zones as a tool.

Green Zone is calm and happy (and ready to learn)

Blue Zone is sad or sick

Red Zone is angry or out of control

Yellow Zone is silly or frustrated

You can click here to view a color copy of The Zones of Regulation.

Suggestions to carry-over these important concepts at home.

  1. Please use the language included here to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary that have been taught in school.

  2. Talk about Whole Body Listening when engaged in an activity that your child needs to be attentive. You can say, “Show me your whole body listening.”

  3. Sing the Whole Body Listening song weekly with your child.

  4. Start to help your child identify how they are feeling. For example, if your child is sad, you can say, “You look sad. You are in the blue zone.”


This update provided by the

ECDC SEL Committee.

Jennifer Curry, School Psychologist

Christine Duggan, Classroom Teacher

Rebecca Hackney-Bliss, Classroom Teacher

Diane Peavey, Speech/Language Pathologist

Sandra Wong, Occupational Therapist

Please feel free to reach out to any of our members, or your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions or need more information.

ECDC Important Dates and Upcoming Events

To learn more about ECDC Happenings, please visit the Important Dates and Upcoming Events section on the ECDC Principal Page!

Cooking with Chef Colin!

ECDC is excited to collaborate with Franklin's Food Service Director, Chef Colin Boisvert, on a new program! Chef Colin will be joining several of our classes this year as we develop a "Cooking with Chef Colin" Program!

On Monday, January 13th, Chef Colin will be joining Miss Elizabeth's class! Working with Miss Elizabeth and Nurse Suzanne, Chef Colin will offer simple cooking lessons that students will be able to make and taste! After this first session we will work together to make this a regular happening here at ECDC!

Here is a little more about Chef Colin Boisvert (taken from the Franklin LIfelong Learning Webpage):

Chef Colin holds a degree in Culinary Arts and Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. He is the Food Service Director for Franklin Public Schools and brings more than 10 years of culinary expertise to the table. He believes that preparing your own food is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. He is a chef that brings healthy cooking to the kitchen with classic techniques.

You can also HEAR Chef Colin in the latest issue of FPS Voice. Click here to hear Chef Colin and learn about the Franklin Food Service!

Kindergarten is coming-and we are here to guide you!

Students who will be 5 by August 31st are eligible to attend kindergarten and the kindergarten registration process is right around the corner!

Please note that ECDC families DO NOT have to attend the Franklin Kindergarten Registration Dates, but instead we will will facilitate the process for you. Families will receive a notice from our office after the new year about documentation that may need to be updated, and you can deliver that here to ECDC.


Franklin Public School's annual


March 17, 2020

7 – 8:00 PM

Horace Mann Middle School Auditorium

Everything you need to know about kindergarten….

Join Miss Kelty and other members of the Franklin School Community!

We will provide families with information on a range of topics including kindergarten curriculum, transportation, school safety, kindergarten screening, health services, kindergarten orientation, first day of school and more!

Big picture

ECDC School Council Update

The ECDC School Council met on December 9th.

On our quest to identify what really makes ECDC special and helps define who we are, the council is committed to naming a set of core values.

Last spring, the ECDC School Council began to collect data from families, staff and students. We surveyed families in the spring and then again the fall of 2019, in an effort to get families who were new to ECDC this year. In addition we also conducted a survey of all ECDC staff. Finally, the educators on the team developed a lesson with visuals for teachers to do with students to help identify what they loved about ECDC.

At our meeting on Monday we were able to narrow down some key values. Between this meeting and our next meeting in February, the team will be working to create a document to present our ideas to the community. We are VERY EXCITED about our work!

For more information, please reach out to me ( or 508-541-8166) or any of our members!

2019-20 School Council Members:

Linda Cournoyer, Speech and Language Pathologist

Stefanie Izzy, Parent

Kelty Kelley, ECDC Principal

Aracely Lee, Parent

Elizabeth Reynard, Special Educator/Early Childhood Teacher

2019-20 Meeting Schedule

(all meetings are open to the public, governed by the Open Meeting Law, and are held at 1:45 in the ECDC Conference Room)

February 10th You can view the agenda here

April 6th

June 1st

Impact Weather Days

ECDC Family Handbook, 2019-20, Page 17

School Closing/Delay/Early Dismissal:

In the event the weather conditions require changes in the normal school operation, these changes will be disseminated as soon as possible to parents/guardians through our automated phone/email system. Notice will also be sent to the following radio and television stations: WBZ-TV (Ch 4); WCVB-TV (Ch 5); RI Broadcasters Assn.; WHDH-TV (Ch 7); FOX-TV (Ch 25); NECN (also NBC Boston)..

The following are the changes in school procedure that may occur:

  • School Cancellation:

    • In the event that weather conditions dictate school cancellation, these announcements will be made on radio, television and via Regroup notification as early as possible.

  • Delay in School Starting Time:

    • When Franklin Public Schools has a delayed opening, ECDC will have a cancellation/delayed opening as follows

      • ECDC morning session (9:15-11:45) will be canceled

      • ECDC full day and extended sessions (9:15-3:15 and 9:15-1:15) will delay opening as indicated (for example, if there is a 2-hour delay, the school will open for students at 11:15 and dismiss at the regularly scheduled time).

      • The delayed opening will NOT impact the afternoon session (12:45-3:15)

  • Unscheduled Early Dismissal:

    • In the event that adverse weather occurs or intensifies after school has begun, it may be necessary to release students earlier than normal so that buses can operate before the roads become more hazardous. In this event, all afternoon educational programs, activities and PM pre-school classes will be canceled.

Parents need to use their discretion in deciding whether or not to send their child to school during inclement weather conditions.

Get Involved!

Here at ECDC we have LOTS of ways to have parents and guardians involved our school and in your student's learning!

  • Talk to your teacher about volunteering in the classroom; she will find the "just right" way for you to volunteer that works for her classroom and your child.
  • Share a passion or talent with the students at ECDC
  • Consider joining our PCC (Parent Communication Council), our School Council, or attending our Connections for Parents of Children with Special Needs. Even if you are working, we can get creative and find a way for you to be involved!
  • Help with our ECDC Community Garden...this year it is a little sad looking, because the spring was not kind to us! We will need people to help with the garden clean up in both the fall and spring and help with the planting as well!

All volunteers in the school MUST attend a Volunteer Training their first year. In addition, all volunteers must complete a CORI form and sign the Confidentiality statement as well every year. The training is pretty quick and be be scheduled by contacting Laura in the office, .

Notes from Nurse Suzanne

Please visit my website and monthly newsletter throughout the year. You can find that by clicking here.

Updated Physicals and Immunizations Needed:

A quick reminder to send in a copy of your child's most recent physical and immunizations (dated within one year from the start of the 2019-2020 school year). This will help keep your child's health record current at school. Note: If your child is moving on to Kindergarten next year, there will be additional information given to you soon about what is needed for registration.

Winter Clothing Reminder:

Now that winter is upon us, your children are enjoying their outdoor playtime in colder and often snowier conditions. Just a reminder to send in winter play clothes with your child- a jacket, snow pants, boots, mittens, and hats. It is fine to send them in a separate bag as they often don't fit in backpacks. While I do have a small supply of items on hand for borrowing, some things (especially boots!) don't always fit well. It is best that your child bring their things from home so they're comfortable when classes are playing outside.

Cabin Fever?? ​Winter activities and things to do in and around Franklin:

Here are some local places to enjoy the outdoors and activities to keep the whole family happy this winter. If you have suggestions for places your family enjoys, please email them to me and I will add them to the list! Email:

Places for a nice walk outside in winter:

- Del carte Recreation and Conservation Area- 459 Pleasant St.

  • often has a "story walk" set up by the Franklin Public Library

- Dacey Community Field (Disc golf trail) - 700 Lincoln St.

​- Choate Park, Medway MA

- Cranberry Bogs Trail behind Bass Pro @ Patriot Place

- Mass Audubon (Greater Boston Area)

​- Trustees of the Reservation

​Other local activities:

​- Franklin Public Library Children's Room- always hosts a variety of activities for all ages

- Winter Farmer's Market Franklin- held at Fairmont Fruit Farm 887 Lincoln St.

  • 10 am - 2pm

  • January 25th, February 15th, March 21st and April 8th

- Sledding Hill at ECDC (behind Senior Center)

Winter activities in Boston:

- Museum of Fine Art - sponsors free activities during school vacation weeks

A Message from the ECDC Parent Communication Council

As we enter the new year, the PCC would like to take a moment to thank all the families who have contributed to what was a very successful beginning of the school year. A special thank you to all who were able to come out and support ECDC PCC through our Barnes & Noble Bookfair. Families and children enjoyed having Ms. Kelty, Ms. Marylin, and Ms. Chris read some holiday classics and some silly stories too! What a treat!

Also, we hoped to raise enough funds to be able to provide our students with an enrichment experience. Thanks to your generosity, we will be having the Discovery Museum visit our school in the Spring! Their hands on exploratory-based learning is sure to be fun and enjoyable for all. It is our hope to be able to provide additional enrichment opportunities for our children. We will continue to host PCC led events in hopes of reaching those goals.

Through our ECDC playdates, the PCC set out to create an opportunity for families and students to connect and we feel confident that our efforts have been successful. Stay tuned for more events to come in the new year.

If you are looking for an additional way to support our school, please consider making a direct donation to the ECDC PCC. Thanks again for your continued support. May this new year bring everyone health, peace, and joy.

Happy Holidays from the PCC.

Aracely Lee, PCC Chair

Kerrianne Bartro, PCC Treasurer

Sheri Paquin, PCC Secretary

Jennifer Woiszwillo, PCC Teacher Prep Committee

Eleanor Jaspersohn, PCC Social Committee

Upcoming PCC Meetings

January 21st @7pm

February 4th @7pm

Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ ECDCPCC to keep up to date with all our events!

Franklin Food Pantry Provides FREE Weekend Food to Kids

This the the second year that ECDC will partner with the Franklin Food Pantry to help families who may struggle to provide enough food for their children over the weekend!

All children in the Franklin Elementary Schools and ECDC are eligible,

all you have to do is sign up.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Nurse Suzanne at .

F.X. O'Regan Early Childhood Development Center

Kelty Kelley, Principal, M.Ed.

"There is no hand so small that it cannot leave an imprint on the world!" Klub Kidz