January Newsletter

Quarter II - Mid Winter 2019


Academic Planning

Our mission at Spaulding High School is to prepare students for success in an ever changing world.

In the following months, students will have the opportunity to plan out their coursework for the 2019-2020 school year with their school counselors. In response to this, we encourage students to maximize their learning experiences and spend time with their parents/guardians by examining the Program of Studies to determine which courses and/or programs best support their college/career pathway.

Parents are welcomed to join in that discussion and schedule a meeting with their son's/daughter's school counselor by calling the School Counseling Office at 476-6411.

For more information, click on this link to access the Program of Studies:

As of now, the following is the schedule of when school counselors will be meeting with students:

Class of 2020 - Starting the week of February 13th

Class of 2021 - Starting the week of March 6th

Class of 2022 - Starting the week of March 18th

Class of 2023 - Barre Town scheduled for March 25th & 26th /Barre City - March 27th and 28th

SAVE the DATE: Parent Conferences

Monday, Feb. 18th, 12:30-7pm

Spaulding High School

The Pick-A-Time Parent Portal will be open on Wednesday, February 6th. If you would like to schedule a conference with a teacher or with a counselor before then, please contact them directly to schedule a time.



SAVE the DATE: ASVAB (The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test

Thursday, Feb. 7th, 1:30pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

If interested in taking the test, please see Mrs. Cross in the School Counseling Office by Monday, February 4th, so she can preregister you.


Excited and Engaged Learners Creating their Own Paths

For some students, they appreciate the passing of Act 77, which charges Vermont schools to create personalized learning environments that offer flexible pathways to graduation.

According to the Agency of Education, Flexible Pathways "encourages and supports the creativity of school districts as they develop and expand high-quality educational experiences that are an integral part of secondary education in the evolving 21st-century classroom."

And Jordan Boyea is in agreement and credits her Academic Advisory teacher of three years, Mary Reardon for giving her the opportunity to pursue a particular discipline within Fine Arts by applying for an Independent Study credit.

During her time, she was under the direct supervision of Fine Arts teacher, Mrs. Reardon and sought out the approval of Mr. Hoffman, Head of School Counseling who supported her Independent Study proposal. Her objective was to integrate the following materials: acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, and oil pastels into a finished piece with dynamic poses and proportions over a semester, along with meeting three fine art standards in accordance with Mrs. Reardon.

Mrs. Reardon credits that Jordan was ... "just a joy to work with and has a delightful sense of humor" and Jordan praises Mrs. Reardon for having this as an option.

Like Jordan, other students are beginning to examine their options or flexible pathways in terms of learning. This is especially meaningful and timely because Spaulding High School has been selected by Vermont State Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to be an Aspirations school.

We are the 5th school to be selected among the state and we are just thrilled to have Tiffany Tillman, our Aspirations Coordinator to be a part of the community.

Through her work, our students will be more informed about careers and postsecondary education opportunities. As she noted with a warm smile, "I want to create a college and career culture" for you, so students are aware of the various pathways that link between education and employment.

As of now, our students are taking advantage of Dual Enrollment where they can take two college courses online or at Community College of Vermont. This flexible pathway has been a good investment for our students; financially and academically too.

A few students like Jamie Heath who states, "I love it," Abby Benoit, and Jack Blaisdell, all Seniors opted for Early College. This flexible pathway allows them to 'experience an early college program' at Vermont Technical Center in Randolph or Williston during their Senior year through the Vermont Academy of Science & Technology (VAST) program.

However for students who want exposure and/or direct insight on a particular career, they are enrolling in Work Based Learning (WBL) or the Central Vermont Career Center. WBL enables students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge of being a part of the workforce.

In the words of Mason Demell, '...I have learned what my interests are, and possible career opportunities for me after high school. I also learned more about what I am not interested in...'

This has been especially meaningful for a student who may be interested in exploring a career cluster and obtaining direct instruction, training, and certification in a particular program like Automotive, Electrical or HVAC programs at the Central Vermont Career Center. In particular, Nick noted best choice to enroll in the Automotive Program because he's learned so many skills that will help him with his job at VTrans.

Regardless of which flexible pathway our students opt for, they are sincerely investing in their own education and career path. For more information on Flexible Pathways at Spaulding High School, click on this link.

SAVE the DATE: Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, Feb. 18th, 12:30-7pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Please note the Pick A Time portal will not be open until Wednesday, Feb 6th.


Inspiring Our Students to Be Innovative Thinkers

Through our partnership with the Generator Makerspace, we have been able to foster an environment that enables our students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge around new technologies emerging in the 21st century.

Workshops focusing on laser cutting and design, along with 3D printing have inspired our students to embrace the role of CNC plasma cutters and routers, thus giving them an understanding on how CNC has revolutionized the production and design of objects not only for artistic and personal use, but also in the manufacturing sectors.

But more importantly, Spaulding High School has been selected as one of the three schools in Vermont to participate in Project Invent sponsored by the Generator MakerSpace & Stanford d.school.

Five young ladies: Aubrey Benoit, Makayla Chouinard, Carm Le, Ella Hilton Van-Osdall, & Emma Poirier have been selected to form the Crimson Spark Team of 2019.

Why you ask? Well our goal as an educational institution is 'to empower youth to become confident leaders who change the world,' especially young women declared by Rachel Hooper, the Generator Makerspace's, Director of Community Outreach.

She is just thrilled for our school to participate in the Design Process Thinking and address a local issue of concern where the ladies can design an invention or innovation to address it, using new technology.

The excitement is also embodied in the voices of Emma Poirier and Ella Hilton Van-Osdall.

"It's a great opportunity and incredibly meaningful." Both note in unison to be selected and having the opportunity to present their innovation to leaders within the Siicon Valley in California; just awesome as Aubrey Benoit's face lights up.

Yes, California, possibly no to Prom as the group suddenly realizes a conflict.

But as Carm Le chimes in, '... this experience is empowering me to become an engineer and know that I can make a difference,' especially when approaching an issue through an empathetic lens.

Makayla Chouinard concurs with her statement. "I feel a sense of responsibility and sensitivity when interviewing concussed individuals... I want to create something that helps someone I know."

Motivated by this, the ladies are guided by school experts, Mr. Merriam, Athletic Director and Kathy Gardner, the School Nurse due to their roles within the building and they have selected three peers as their case studies.

Even though, they will be collecting data from those who have been afflicted by concussions at school, they are moved by the tide, which will bring them to the opposite side of the states.

For more information on Project Invent, click on this link.

SAVE the DATE: VSAC Parent Information Night

Monday, Feb. 18th, 12:30-7:30pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

During Parent Teacher Conferences, VSAC staff will be available in the library to answer any general questions, help you file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and lead workshops on Managing College Costs.

Snacks and Goodies provided! Managing College Costs workshops are from 12:30-1:30, 2:30-3:30, 4:30-5:30 and 6:30-7:30!

For more information, please feel free to contact Tiffany Tillman at tillman@vsac.org


Embody the Creed: Play Unified, Live Unified

Spaulding High School's individuals have been propelling themselves forward during athletic competitions and this is especially true for Unified Sports.

In the past four years, Co Advisors and Co Coaches, Clif Thompson & Wendy Currier have spearheard Unified Sports at the school. They have not only provided 'opportunities on and off the court for personal growth and friendship' as recommended by Special Olympics, they have created a climate of acceptance.

This is clearly evident when Clif praises Raine Willis who has been a stellar leader within the team.

As noted by Clif, she not only helps her peers during competition, but continues to do so during the day to day life of being a student. Thus her actions reflect the Special Olympics' credo of 'social inclusion, respect, and friendship through shared sports training and competition experiences.'

Jesse Byams duly notes this and states, "It's just awesome to be on a team and make new friends."

This is reiterated by Wendy based upon her observations and interactions with Jesse. Jesse is an even keeled athlete who possess the essential characteristics of what it means to conduct himself as an athlete. He has a positive attitude, he is a team player, and he is committed despite the results.

However, Wendy and her athletes are always thrilled when they win a medal, especially during a bocce or bowling competition. She praises her volunteers and athletes by noting these competitions unite people with diverse backgrounds, talents, and abilities.

But more importantly, it gives them a chance to shine as one team.

SAVE the DATE: Project Graduation Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 7pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Project Graduation meeting will be held in the Chorus Room.

Please spread the word and encourage your fellow classmates to attend.

SAVE the Date: Spring Sports Season

Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Pre-season Information Night – Tuesday, March 12th at 6:30 p.m. in the Gym

Receive Spring information, game schedules, confirm sign-ups, and the meet coaches.

ALL PRACTICES begin on Monday, March 18th


Recipient of Vermont’s 2019 United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP)

One of our very own, Lia Rubel, Class of 2019 has been selected and awarded a significant scholarship from the Hearst Foundation.

According to the Vermont Principal's Association, "two students from each state are selected for a $10,000 scholarship and an all expenses paid week long trip to Washington D.C. While in D.C. students learn about the innerworkings of the federal government."

In turn, how fortunate for members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Administration to be graced by the amazing and diplomatic, Lia Rubel.

Sugarbush Student Achievement Program

The following students are recipients of the Sugarbush Student Achievement Program for the 2018-2019 season. Students received this award based upon their grades from the 2017-2018 school year.

Class of 2019 Megan Brier, Emily Cetin, Ella Hilton-VanOsdall, Ashley Houle, Zoe Macdonald,

Ella McCarthy, Akshar Patel, Emma Poirier, Steven Poulin, Faith Redmond, Lillian Riddle, Lia Rubel, Cheyenne Schoenig, Justin Thurber, David Toborg, & Jillian Tosi

Class of 2020 Daniel Copping, Jack Dodd, Jaylyn Emmons, Camryn Fewer, Gavin Glosser,

Jenna Hallstrom, Megan Hammarstrom, Madison Henderson, Morgan Mast, Brittany Matott, Marley Ostrout, Jackson Pierson, Elizabeth Poirier, Emma Riddle, & Matthew Tacey

Class of 2021 Jacob Allen, Ezra Bernier, Emma Cushman, Jake Darling, Josie Diego, Isabelle

Druzba, Dylan Estivill, Allison Everett, Natalie Folland, Theresa Hoar, Eamon Hogan, Oliver Johnson, Camden Kelley, Evan Kerin, Carson King, Mallory Kiniry, Owen Kresco, Emily Larose, Katelyn MacIver, Amina Malagic, Noah Partridge, Zoey Pickel, William Poirier, Willem Pontbriand, David Poulin, Jenna Sawyer, Zachary Stabell, & Alyssa Winkler

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Robert Burdett Award

The following students were recognized recently with the Robert M. Burdett Memorial Award. Teachers nominated students in one of the following categories: Good Citizen, Unsung Hero, Exceptional Growth/Improvement, and/or Exceptional Perseverance/Resilience.

Class of 2019 Trey Armbrister, Grayson Bradley, Madison Cooley, Aaron Dunn, Paxton

MacAuley, Evan Parent, & Grace Pierce

Class of 2020 Caleb Burns, Alexandra Dune, Annie Duprey, Ella Mayo, Alorria McDunnah, Emily

McMahon, Kiersten Mongeon, & Drew Pecor

Class of 2021 Allison Everett, Isabelle Fischer, Kenny Garrison, Shea Harding, Theresa

Hoar, Kemal Ibrahimovic , Amina Malagic, Kiana Martin, Zoey Pickel, Will Poirier, & Alexander


Class of 2022 Colby Berard, Emma Blaisdell, Steven Derouchie, Bradey Gates-Lanpher, Zoey

Henry, Makenzie Manning, Chloe Mattson, Alexander Maurice, Brandon Noury, Alexander

Rivard, Kelly Sanders, Emily Grace Spaulding, Eleanor Steinman, Gabriel Turner, & Theressa


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National Certification Recipient

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Spaulding Alum & Teacher: Mya Violette earns National Certification

Mya Violette, a Spaulding English teacher for 18 years, is now part of the 3%.

That’s the percentage of teachers in the United States who have earned National Teacher Certification, an achievement that, among other benefits, enables Mya to teach anywhere in the country without needing that state’s teaching license.

Not that Mya, SHS Class of 1995, is planning to relocate.

She likes it here fine.

She likes heading up to the Paquet Farm on Morrison Road where she grew up. Every summer she’s up there helping tend the vegetables and bringing them to the farm stand.

She likes league bowling with her husband Steve and other family and friends. Her average 161, high game 246.

She likes reading 100 Young Adult books every year as member of the Green Mountain Book Award Committee with the Vermont Department of Libraries. Fifteen of those books will be sent by the committee to student readers for Award voting.

Mya began her quest for National Certification two years ago and learned she had passed last month, a year ahead of the allotted time frame. “The amount of work required,” she said, “compared to what it took to get my master’s degree.”

Fortunately, Mya was aided by the Vermont NEA which sponsored a mentored group of ten other Central Vermont teachers to help navigate through the complex path to certification.

That path included:
1. A content exam;
2. A demonstration of how she teaches diverse learners utilizing differential instruction strategies;
3. A video that includes a section of her in the classroom as well as a written self-critique;
4. A lengthy reflection paper on her teaching and learning philosophy.

And…she really likes teaching in Barre, Vermont.

Yes, this long road to National Certification may give her an easier job entry elsewhere in the country, and a nice jolt of prestige and modest stipend.

But, geographically, she’s not going anywhere. She’s here for the count.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and after my high school experience, I knew I wanted to return to Spaulding to teach,” she says. “During my first few years of teaching, my high school teachers became my mentors. I’m a Barre girl, and it’s been a blessing to teach in my community.”–Jim Higgins

SAVE the DATE: In House Scholarships - Submission Due Date

Wednesday, April 10th, 3pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

In House Scholarship Applications will be released in the month of February.

This one application will make you eligible for over 40 scholarships. There are scholarships for academic merit, athletic achievement, business, the arts, music, community service, education, law, medicine, engineering, natural resources, and non-college post-secondary education.

To be considered for any of these scholarships, you must submit the In-House Scholarship application by Wednesday, April 10th by 3pm to Mrs. Cross.