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Week of March 3, 2014

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  • Kahoot! is a game-based real-time classroom response system that delivers online quizzes, discussions, and surveys to students to any web-enabled device.
  • Student's of all ages love the interaction and competition and say, "It's FUN!"
  • Teachers love that Kahoot! engages and motivates their students.
  • Great for on the spot assessment, review vocabulary, test reviews, exit questions, and the list goes on!
  • Put the students in charge and let them create their own Kahoots to challenge the class!

The Highlights:

  1. Teachers begin by going to Sign up and in less than 30 seconds you're read to begin!
  2. Give your Kahoot a title and begin entering your questions and answers.
  3. It's easy to drag and drop images into a Kahoot that are saved on your computer.
  4. Select your language, privacy settings and audience.
  5. Drop in a cover image for your Kahoot if your would like.
  6. Then launch your Kahoot.
  7. Questions will only play on the projected screen not the student's device.
  8. Have students/players visit and enter the automatically genterated Kahoot game pin shown on the projected screen from teacher's device.
  9. Let the fun and learning begin!
  10. Results can be emailed or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Grab Your Student's Attention and Here Them Say, "Let's Do That Again!"

Tell Me More:

Kahoot Tutorial (5 minute video)

Kahoot Knowledge Base (FAQs, Known Issues,...)

Check out this Kahoot called 'Logos'. Launch on your computer then play using your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

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