Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough!

Reported By: Caroline Carter

Discovery Overview

On Friday, May 6th, 2016, physicist Caroline Carter discovered how to perform nuclear fusion in order to create an energy source. This process has baffled scientist for years, and is an incredibly complex process. Carter discovered how to perform the process while researching and experimenting in her private lab. This breakthrough could mean everything for United States energy, and Carter is said to be releasing her notes to a company that she has yet to reveal.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the process by which the Sun creates energy. It consists of a process where two atoms (hydrogen on the Sun) are combined (this creates helium on the Sun), which releases tremendous amounts of energy. This is the opposite of nuclear fission which is a process currently used that splits atoms to create amounts of energy. While fission creates large amounts of energy, nuclear fusion creates many times more.

Safety and Dangers

Although we are now aware of what must be done to perform nuclear fusion, it still has many dangers. Nuclear fusion creates tremendous energy amounts that could potentially be dangerous. Without proper knowledge of how much energy that is, there could be safety hazards imposed on workers and civilians. The process of nuclear fusion is also extremely complex, and if was wrongly executed, could cause world destruction. It will take more research before these discoveries can be implemented.

Economic Impacts

If scientists can find a way to safely harness this energy source, it would mean an economic turnaround for the United States and the world. The amount of energy produced by nuclear fission could replace all other non renewable energy sources that we use today, and fix our current energy crisis. The United States would be able to supply their own energy without having to rely on fuel from other countries, and it would be a cleaner source of energy. Also, once commercial technology is produced, the prices of nuclear fusion will be much cheaper than that of other energy sources. Finally, nuclear fusion would create an almost inexhaustible energy source that would end our energy issues.