White Whale (Delphinapteres leucas)

Journey and Matt

All about Belugas

White whales (Belugas) generally live together in small groups known as pods. They are social animals and use clicking, whistles, and clangs for communication. These whales are common in the Arctic Ocean's coastal waters, though they are found in subarctic waters as well. Because beluga whales eat marine species that are most common each season, they play an important role in the health of the overall ecosystem. They are also one of Alaska’s most well-known marine animals and a key draw for tourists and residents traveling along the coastal areas in the state.


The beluga is able to swim backwards
Beluga whales' dives may last up to 25 minutes and can reach depths of 800 meters
The beluga is closely related to the narwhal; they are the only two members of the Monodontidae family