The Wait is Over!!

Mascara is Here!!

Mascara.....How you can use it to build your customer, team and hostess base.

Since I started with Beautycounter, people have been asking about 3 things.....mascara, deodorant and a teen line. Well, as of today, that first piece to the puzzle is here. What can you do to maximize this launch and help to build your sales and team? Here are a few tips.

Make a Plan

Every good plan needs action items.

1. Make a List/Lists

Go through the following groups of people: current customers, Facebook contacts, your phone list. Your list of 100 that you have already done as a part of your initial launch (you've been updating it, right?)

2. Pick 3-5 of your friends with great networks

Book either online Events OR at Home Socials by doing the following: Reach out to them and say this, "Hi ......! So, Beautycounter is launching our brand new mascara and it is literally going to be the best you've ever seen! If I were to gift one to you; would you be willing to host an event on FB or an at home girls' night and help me introduce it to your friends? Not only would you get the mascara for free but you'd also get the hostess rewards from the party!!!!! I'm going to set up the group/event (which ever one you choose to do with your friend) for you and do most of the work......all I am going to ask you to do is share your before and after pictures and chime in here and there! Would you be up for it?

Remember, if you did the pre-sale, you invested $19 per mascara, so it is a bit of a loss leader, but could lead to a ton of sales. (Keep track of these as business expenses.)

3. Remember, we sell more than mascara.

Talk about items like the eye liners, brow pencils, eye creams. Even do another video showing you applying the mascara (when you get it) and use other products in the video as well.

4. Do your own e-newsletter

Get your customer list together and send out your own smore or mailchimp, or whichever email program you like. Put your own video in it, use the videos from Beautycounter (more are coming...). Make a compelling offer. Book a girls' night and get a free mascara, or whatever you feel you can afford.

5. Re-Launch your business!!

Schedule an "in home" party with your girlfriends and ask a few of your friends to host one for you! You can do a "Mascara & Margarita" theme or whatever you can think of----make sure you bring our fabulous skin care with you so you can introduce them to some of our Routine Cream Clean Cleanser to take makeup off!!!! And, Vibrant Eye Perfector to keep the skin around their eyes looking fabulous! Ladies LOVE to play with products!!!!! And, you can offer them a free mascara for hosting a party in their home! Again, like Brooke said, make it casual......"Hi Terry! How about I bring over my products and you get a couple of girlfriends and we do a margarita and mascara night????" Don't say "party"...."social" makes people feel like their skin is crawling and it's too much work for them! Keep it light and fun!

6. Use it to Sponsor!!

Use this launch as a sponsoring tool!!! Look through your list and reach out to business savvy or makeup loving friends. Now is the time to ask them if they want to be part of your business and help you get this mascara launched! You will also find as you do your FB parties that some of your hostesses will get very involved in the parties! When you see someone really participating----that is someone who very well could join your team!

What I used to do is reach to her and say, " don't know if you know this, but you are already doing my job and you are sooooo good at it! Have you ever thought of doing something like this??"

7. Be Consistent

Post in your VIP group and business page. Don't only post about mascara or you are going to drive people nuts. Post about things that they are also interested in. Most of us post about healthy cleaning products, healthy lifestyle and things that are not salesy. Remember, we are EDUCATION first. So even though we have this great new thing, don't lose sight of that!!

8. Use the Corporate Images/Tools

Last but not least-----text, email, fb message any image from corporate that you love and send it to your friends! Let EVERYONE know about our newest product!!! If they buy a mascara and love it, they are going to shop with you again! Have fun!