Hurricane Sandy

Second Largest Tropical Cyclone Since 1988


Hurricane Sandy. A terrifying but realistic nightmare for the cities affected by it. The hurricane destroyed one our most populated cities in America. Hundreds dead. Thousands left homeless. And all of them left traumatized for the rest of their existence.

The damage done to those cities was like any other enormous hurricane, but greater. Houses were dragged along the currents, or demolished. Personal belongings would be at their house one minute, and at the bay the next. Every thing was like a big pot of soup. People were scared about what was going to happen next, if they were going to live or not, or if they would ever see their loved ones again. Some people lost EVERYTHING in the storm. Others would be considered lucky if their house was still attached to the same place its been.

People drowned. People got crushed. People lost their loved ones, or even watched them as they drown, not being able to help. But people who had hope, did not lose it. Their hope in living and fixing the place in the future is what got them to where they are today.

A year and $65 billion later, they are almost back to normal, or even stronger than before. Some people though, did not have the insurance to help cover the cost of rebuilding, but others did, and others helped create organizations that helped with the costs of rebuilding.

Some people will never go back home because their houses were washed in land or taken out to sea. But others stayed because of federally funded buyouts by the government.

Thankfully the government helped tremendously with this horrific event by donating money and helping rebuild the damage done. Now people will be able to live there again and go back to normal.