Spark your senses

With doTerras 100% Pure, Therapeutic Essential Oils

Good Friday..... a good day to learn about non toxic modalities to assist in prevention of illness! Christina Rea and Katrina Meier are hosting this wonderful event which will allow you to taste, smell and apply doTerras 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.

Get ready to learn and fall in love

Essential Oils 101

Friday, March 27th, 6:45pm

Location to be disclosed with RSVP

Peppermint awakens you, lavender relaxes you and lemon energizes you! We would like to invite you to come and learn about essential oils. We will teach you how essential oils will assist you in health prevention and in cooking.

There will be food made with doTerras, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils which we believe you will enjoy very much. You will learn why more and more people are beginning to use and continue to use, doTerras essential oils and we will demonstrate how to properly use them.

Please come, join us! You won't be disappointed!